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In the past 10 years, the development of machinery industry has been fast. As we can see that the machinery industry is developing towards information, intelligentization and integration. The sales data of the machinery industry has also increased significantly year by year gradually . At the same time, we cannot ignore its partner- fiber laser cutting machine. Metal laser cutting machines have been widely used in the machinery industry 10 years ago, mainly for agricultural machinery, construction machinery, textile machinery and other mechanical  products.

Nowadays, many laser machine manufacturers try to promote metal sheet laser cutting machines, pipe laser cutting machines, and provide a wide range of industry solutions. Take bulldozer as an example: cover, floor wing plate, bottom guard plate, platform frame, main frame, cab, bucket, moving arm, bucket rod and so on. All need a laser cutting machine to process.

As for why machinery manufacturers choose to use laser cutting machines? Because the following main advantages: (1) fast speed, smooth cutting surface; (2) Heat affected area and plate deformation is small, slit is narrow; (3) No mechanical stress on the cutting surface, no shearing burrs; (4) High precision, no damage to the material surface; (5) Numerical control programming, economical and time-saving.

With the profound of research and integration of "Next Generation Internet", "Big Data",  laser cutting machines will be gradually developing in the direction of high precision and intelligence, to solve numerous machining problems. Based on which,we have profound faith that fiber laser cutting machines will have more extensive application in the machinery industry over the next few years. 



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Metal laser cutter for thick plate
These two products are all fully closed structure. The laser power of SF3015H is 1KW to 6KW , the laser power of SF6025H is from 8KW to 36KW. All of them passed CE/ FDA/ ETL certifications.

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