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Affordable tube laser cutting machine

SF6020T affordable tube laser cutting machine is used for cutting round tube,square tube and other metal tube. Pipe processing range 6000mm* φ20~220mm/φ20~240mm.(square tube: 20*20-150*150mm/20*20-240*240mm).SF6020T affordable metal tube laser cutter is equipped with fiber laser device, laser power  from 1.5kw to 6kw.
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Technical Parameters of  Metal Tube Laser Cutting Machine




 Pipe processing range(mm)

  6000* φ20~220/φ20~240
(Square tube: 20*20~150*150/20*20~240*240)

 Laser Power(kw)


Maximum Speed(m/min)


 Positioning Accuracy(mm)


 Repeated Positioning Accuracy(mm)


 Maximum Rotational Speed(r/min)


 Maximum acceleration(G)


Table Maximum Load(KG)




Main Features of Metal Tube Laser Cutter 


Processing a variety of pipes, large loading ability

It can process round pipe, square pipe, rectangular pipe, round pipe diameter Φ20mm-220mm/Φ20mm-240mm, 

square pipe side length 20*20mm-150*150mm/20*20mm-240*240mm, Single tube load bearing up to 300kg.

Pneumatic self-centering chuck

High clamping accuracy and fast speed; self-centering gear transmission, high efficiency,

Intelligent pneumatic jaws, large clamping force, stable feeding, more precise cutting.


Tubepro tube cutting software

SF6020T affordable metal tube laser cutter is equipped with FSCUT3000S pipe cutting system, 

which suppors high-precision and high-efficiency cutting of square pipes, round pipes, racetrack-shaped and oval-shaped stretched pipes, 

as well as angle steel and channel steel.

Automatic Loading and Unloading System(Optional)

It can be equipped with automatic loading and unloading system, 6 meters of pipe bundles, intelligent sorting, efficient feeding, 
high degree of automation, saving labor cost and improving working efficiency.

Application Materials of Tube Laser Cutter​​​​​​​

SF6020T laser pipe cutting machine can cut carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, galvanized sheet, titanium alloy, manganese alloy, etc.It is widely used in  metal tube processing, machinery manufacturing, auto parts manufacturing, electrical manufacturing, 

elevator manufacturing, petroleum machinery,food machinery, decorative advertisements, etc.

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