Technical Parameter
          Model                       3015C
Working Area(mm) 3050*1530
Laser Power(kw) 1.5~6
Max No-load Speed (m/min) 100
X/Y-axis Positioning Accuracy (mm) ± 0.05
X/Y-axis Repositioning Accuracy (mm) ± 0.02
Overall Dimensions (L*W*H, mm) 8500*3740*2100
Affordable Sheet & Tube Laser Cutting Machine
One Machine with Two Functions
As a dual-purpose machine, it can cut both sheet and tube, requiring much less space and early investment. Start-ups with insufficient economic power or small workshop can also afford it.

* Need 50%+ less footprint
* Purchase costs halved at least

Three Self-developed Core Components
Its core components below are self-developed by us. Thanks to their superior interconnection, you will surely face low failure rate and user-friendly maintenance.

* SF-Mimir LT
Intelligent control system
* SF-PowerPlus
Small-sized laser generator
Autofocus laser cutting head

Make the Utmost of Raw Materials ​​​​​​​
With pneumatic self-centering chuck, tubes of different shapes are usually clamped tightly at high precision. Short tailing is made possible.

* Max diameter of tube: 220mm
* Max length of tube: 6000mm​​​​​​
Superior Dynamic Performance
Its AL alloy beam is featured by high strength, light weight and superior dynamic performance. After stress relieving by annealing, secondary vibration aging and finish machining, we are sure of its work stability and service life.

  • *Max no-load speed: 100m/min
* Max acceleration: 1G
Open-style Structure
The machine is convenient to load and unload sheet and tube from front, rear and both sides. For users, they will get a whole picture of cutting process and solve possible faults in time. No unwanted downtime anymore. ​​​​​​
Application Industry
3015C is ideally fit to cut thin sheet (≤20mm) and small tube (max diameter: 220mm). We recommend it to household appliances, kitchenware and sanitary wares, chassis cabinet, billboards, elevator manufacturing, etc.
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Featured Product
          Model                       SF3015M / SF3015HM
sheet & tube metal laser cutting machine
Working Area(mm) 3050 * 1530/3050 * 1530
Laser Power(kw) 1.5/1.5
Maximum Speed(m/min) 80/130
X/Y Axis positioning accuracy(mm) ± 0.05
X/Y Axis repeated positioning accuracy(mm) ± 0.02



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