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Remote support 4R policy
   Reply within 2 minutes
  Resolve issues by multiple online tools
   Reduce machine downtime
  Record solutions in case of recurrence

Facial mask may block our smile, but never our service
Crossing borders even when coronavirus really kills, persist in on-site service wherever necessary since COVID-19. 
Pictures speak for themselves.
Senfeng Customer Service Policy

Pre Sale Service

1)Provide corresponding guidance and equipment information according to customer development needs;
2)To solve the problems raised by customers and formulate solutions as per the feasibility and the development needs of the local industries;
3)Large-scale optical fiber equipment exhibition hall was set up to facilitate customers to visit the strength of the company.

After-sale Service

1)We provide one-off free installation and training in customers' factory upon delivery, including laser basic theory, safety protection, equipment operation and maintenance, etc.
2)We offer remote service through network and phone calls to provide quick error diagnose and repair solution by professional engineers. Mainly used contacting APP are: WhatsApp,Wechat, Skype and so on.



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