3D robot fiber laser welding machine

3D robot fiber laser welding machine,the arm length can reach to 1800mm * 3200mm. It is the preferred model in the metal material welding and processing industry.The machine can weld all kinds of metal. Off-line programming software and weld seam tracking system can be selected according to customer requirements, greatly improving work efficiency.


Technical Parameters of 3D Robot Fiber Laser Welding Machine

               Model                       3D robot fiber laser welding machine
(X/Y) Arm length(mm)
Robot Ontology  fanuc M-20iB
Control axle number 6
Maximum load(kg) 20
 Repeated positioning accuracy(mm) ± 0.08


Main Features of 3d Fiber Laser Welder


FANUC m-20iB

FANUC robot M‐20iB is a cable-built multifunctional 6-axis robot with the highest performance in its series. The high strength arm and the first end servo technology can effectively improve the speed and acceleration performance. It will reduce more than 16% operation time, and achieve the highest production capacity in the industry.

  • Application
    3D robot laser welding machine is used in manufacturing industry, metallurgy industry, automobile industry, electronic industry, biomedicine, household appliances manufacturing, processing tools, IT manufacturing, food machinery, diamond tools, welding, welding gear, surface treatment of metal materials, decorative advertising, laser processing services and other processing machinery manufacturing industry.
  • Feature
    1.High welding precision and quality;
    2.High production efficiency; improved working environment and controllable production cycle;
    3.The utility model has the advantages of low energy consumption, low cost and simple and convenient maintenance;
    4.Fiber laser with stable performance.
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