fiber laser cutting machine
tube laser cutting machine
3D robot
Intelligent Metal Fabrication Line
fiber laser cutting machine
tube laser cutting machine
3d robot
Intelligent Metal Fabrication Line


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Senfeng Laser, as a leading integrated manufacturer of fiber laser machines for cutting, welding, cleaning, cladding as well as electric bending machine, provides various solutions in the field of fabricating machinery with cutting-edge technology.
To build the industrial world of tomorrow, we have set up subsidiaries in Paderborn, Germany and Los Angeles, the US and several service centers in major cities of India, Pakistan, Serbia.
After years of persistent probe in the field of laser technology, we are equipped with a great pool of core tech to drive automation process of modern machinery industry.

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SENFENG 2022 Exhibition Plan
March 08, 2022

SENFENG will participate in the following exhibitions in 2022 to promote communication and cooperation in the laser industry around the world.

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Senfeng fiber laser cutting common problems and solutions
March 15, 2021

Senfeng leiming after-sales engineer sorted out many fiber laser cutting common problems and solutions

What Factors Will Affect the Welding Quality of Laser Welding Machine?
May 23, 2022

Laser welding machines are widely used in various industries with the advantages of high efficiency, good effect, high precision, and easy automation integration. At present, it has been fully utilized in aerospace, health care, 3C digital, auto parts, mechanical meal gold, new energy, bathroom hardware and other industries. So when using a laser welding machine, what factors will affect the welding quality of the laser welding machine?

How to Improve The Processing Effect of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine?
May 16, 2022

With the development of laser cutting technology, the application of fiber laser cutting machine is more and more extensive. It has many advantages, such as high cutting accuracy, narrow kerf, smooth cutting surface and high efficiency. But in the process of using the fiber laser cutting machine, do






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