Technical Parameter
Model SF15015C
Size of Sheet Coil (L*W, mm) 3000*1500
Thickness of Sheet Coil (mm) 0.6-1.5
Max Inner and Outer Diameter of Sheet Coil (mm) Φ508/Φ1400
Weight of Sheet Coil (T) 8
Max Feeding Speed (m/min) 10
Leveling Accuracy (mm/m²) ±2
Laser Power (kW) 3
X/Y-axis Positioning Accuracy (mm) ±0.05
X/Y-axis Repositioning Accuracy (mm) ±0.02
Open-style Thin Sheet Coil Fed Laser Cutting Machine
Full Automation in Whole Process
This fully-automatic assembly line ranges from loading, decoiling, leveling, feeding, cutting and unloading, with no manual intervention, but 30% efficiency gains than before and 0 waste to an extreme.

* Automatic feeding trolley
* Automatic decoiler
* Automatic leveler & cutter
Precise Cutting of Ultra-thin Sheet Coil
With ultra-high-precision positioning correction technology, its guide rollers are used to straighten sheets automatically, preventing scratch and making cutting precision high.

* Min thickness of sheet coil: 0.6mm
* Max thickness of sheet coil: 1.5mm
Compact Size and Small Footprint ​​​​​​
For this blanking line, leveler and laser cutter are combined together to offer both respective functions and the easier transport, installation and debugging than single device.

* Halve total footprint at least
* Maximize the workshop
Patented Technology of Rapid Stress Relief
We are the first to apply for a patent of laser leveling technology. After decoiling, sheet coil will be leveled and relieved from internal stress concurrently. As a result, it becomes flat enough with no effect on cutting quality.
Need Less Costs of Purchase
Users can purchase sheet coils directly instead of cut-to-length steel plates. By flexible clipping, they will certainly cut down their costs of purchase because of large price spread.

√ Sheet coils at low price
× Cut-to-length steel plates at high price
Application Industry
The machine can cut carbon steel, stainless steel, AL alloy, brass, red copper, galvanized sheet, silicon steel sheet, electrolytic sheet, titanium alloy and manganese alloy, so, which has been widely used in aerospace, auto parts, chassis cabinet, new energy, engineering machinery, office furniture, medical instrument and other industries.
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