What is Tandem CNC Bending Machine?
It, just as its name implies, can take concurrent control of two bending machines of the same specifications for synchronous running. Therefore, more works will be done than one machine. It is fit for bending long or ultra-long sheets, with the surprising effect of 1+1>2. For this reason, the machine has developed into a new choice for numerous enterprises to decrease costs and increase benefits since its launch.
Technical Parameter
Model BDE10032
Maximum bending force 1000KN
Bending length(A) 3200mm
Side rack spacing(B) 2600mm
Throat depth(E) 400mm
Maximum cylinder stroke 200mm
The distance between the table and the upper beam(D) 480mm
Speed Get down speed:180mm/s   
Working speed: 0-10mm/s   
Return speed: 160mm/s
Main motor power 7.5kW
Dimensions(L*W*H) 3700*1950*2650 mm
Weight 6600KG
Bending thickness   (Note: calculated by bending length of 3000mm) ≤ 3 mm carbon steel     ≤ 2mm stainless steel     ≤4.5mm aluminum
Highlights of Tandem CNC Bending Machine
Mobilize Two Machines in Step
With specially designed synchronization device, two bending machines can work in the meantime, supporting the needs of bending ultra-long sheets. Besides synchronous operation, working alone is also available. As a result, users enjoy different selections.

●Bending length doubled
● Bending efficiency doubled
● Bending precision unchanged
Sheet Positioning in Right Place
Multi-axis backgauge treats worm and worm gear as its transmission mechanism to move up and down, backwards and forwards. 4 backgauge fingers are used for preventing sheets from sagging, so as to make workpiece bending better.

● Multi-axis backgauge
●4 backgauge fingers for self-replacement by users
●X-axis speed 500mm/s, 1.5 times faster than others
Perform Well in Bending Precision
Deflection compensation system mobilizes wedge blocks after control system calculating compensations required, then, plays its role against the crooked or distorted upper & lower beam, hence, difference among bending sheets is minimal.

●Mechanical compensation
●Multi-group wedge blocks
●A number of compensation points
● Bare of compensation dead zone
Everything in Your Hands
DELEM CNC system has 10.1-inch TFT touch screen with high resolution and true color, and enables hot-key touch navigation. 5-axis linkage comes true. Core components are put under real-time control. Its user interface is simply designed and graphical programming is easy to be done.

● Bending tools and materials library
● Advanced Y-axis algorithm for open- and closed-loop control
● Profile-T offline software
● Reserve USB memory interface
Born with Strong Ability
This machine can bend the vast majority of metals, especially medium-thick sheets. It makes up the shortfall of routine bending machines and satisfies all walks of life well.
Applicable Industries

Tandem CNC Bending Machine has been widely applied For this machine, applications include aerospace, 
automobile manufacturing, railway locomotive, panel processing, electric cabinet, distribution box, 
curtain wall, ceiling, steelworks, elevator, home decoration, commercial kitchenware, etc.
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