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What is  ultra high power fiber laser cutter?

SF6025H5 ultra high power fiber laser cutter is a kind of metal cutting laser machine. Equipped with fiber laser device with laser power from 8kw to 36kw, it runs stably when cutting medium and thick steel plate. The working area up to 12050*2530mm can be chosen as per your needs. The heavy-duty frame bed is adopted with stable structure, small deformation, and can withstand higher acceleration. The detachable funnel is equipped with graphite plates and red copper to avoid thermal deformation of the bed and increase the service life of the equipment.

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Technical Parameters of Ultra High Power Fiber Laser Cutter 

           Model                       SF3015H5/SF4020H5/SF6020H5/SF6025H5/SF8025H5/SF12025H5
   Working Area(mm) 3050* 1530/4050 * 2030/6050* 2030/6050* 2530/ 8050 * 2530/12050* 2530
   Working Area(in) 120*60/159*80/238*80/238*100/317*100/ 474*100
  X-axis Travel(mm) 1530/ 2030/2530
 Y -axis Travel(mm) 3050/4050/6050/8050/12050
 Laser Power(kw)  


Maximum Speed(m/min)  


Maximum acceleration(G)  2.8

X/Y Axis positioning accuracy(mm/m)



 X/Y Axis repeated positioning accuracy(mm)  

± 0.02



Main Features of high power fiber laser cutter 


Heavy-duty frame mechine bed to block internal heat transfer

The internal heat transfer can be blocked to ensure long-term stability of processing accuracy, good shock absorption performance, and higher acceleration can be withstood. 

Dust-free cutting for safety and environment protection

The break-through of the conventional 0° cutting help realize the maximum angle of 45° oblique cutting, solving the difficulty in processing special-shaped pipes, and realize seamless splicing of pipes.

Autofocus Laser Head

The laser head adopts air cooling and water cooling system. Air cooling can ensure a constant temperature of the cutting nozzle, while water cooling can prevent heat transmission from the optical lens, and double insurance can ensure stable and efficient cutting.

Intelligent hydraulic lifting to ensure synchronized lifting

The exchange method adopts combination method of mechanical hydraulic operation, which ensures synchronized lifting
, works stably under partial load. At the same time, the height of headroom is uniform, which can reduce the Z-axis stroke and improve the dynamic performance of the equipment to improve work efficiency.

steel laser cutter,steel laser cutting machine

Graphite, copper protection(≥8000w)

The low thermal conductivity of graphite effectively prevents the machine bed from being deformed by heat and guarantees the service life.

High dynamic performance

Up to 2.8G of acceleration
Maximum 200m/min of movement velocity

Storm cutting system

Equipped with ultra high laser power of 20,000w, it can cut 35mm carbon steel with ease and improve efficiency by 50%.



Small footprint

High space utilization,
floor area 16% smaller than other model with same power 


What are application materials?

SF6025H5 ultra high power fiber laser cutter is used to cut mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, brass and other steel; Application in automobile industry, sheet metal industry, furniture industry, advertising industry, etc.

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