What is Suction-cup Automatic Panel Bender 
This machine is one automatic bending machine specially engineered for bending thin sheets by Senfeng Laser. It can bend workpieces in large batch, with tiny error and high degree of consistency. For customers, high manufacturing costs will be greatly reduced and industry transformation & upgrading will be accelerated to boost cost decrease and benefit increase.
No need for handheld bending
No frequent change of upper & lower bending tool
No operating experience required
Bend in various shapes
Technical Parameter
Model BDC-1200
Maximum bending length 1200mm 1500mm
Maximum bending width 1200mm 1250mm
Maximum bending height 170mm
Maximum thickness and bending angle (Standard tools) Steel, UTS 410 N/mm2 1.0mm
Stainless steel, UTS 660 N/mm2 0.8mm
Aluminium, UTS 265 N/mm2 1.3mm
Minimum thickness 0.35mm
Gas pressure 0.6MPa
Axis 10
Fastest bend speed 0.2S/bend
Air consumption 20NL/min
Dimensions(mm) 3700*1800*3000(L*W*H) 4000*2000*3050(L*W*H)
Weight 9000kg 12000kg
Whether support the feeding of hollowed out plates or not ×
Highlights of Suction-cup Automatic Panel Bender
More Return with Less Investment
At the bending speed of 0.5s/time, the machine works three times faster than common CNC bending machine, helping all users to save production and labor costs.
Durable and Long-lived
Its universal bending tools are made of high-strength alloy/die steel and have got through dozens of procedures including solid forging, tempering and quenching. With abrasive resistance property and long service life, the whole machine can bend for more than one million times and need greatly-reduced tool replacement.
Excellent in Performance
This machine offers automatic bending and basically needs no manual intervention while it bends in right, acute, obtuse angle, and in complex shapes like arc, blankholder, hollow square and enclosed type. In addition, bending up & down and level-up bending are also achievable.
User-friendly Design
The suction-cup loading system uses vacuum suction cups to suck up and spin sheets within the range of 360°. Its two guiding rules can realize accurate positioning and automatic adjustment of bending angle. Soft brushes on machine bed protect sheets from possible scratch. This type of machine particularly fits for light and thin sheets.
Put All Under Control
Senfeng Laser’s hi-end CNC operating system based on LINUX comes standard with HD display screen and EtherCAT bus protocol, which enables easy-to-learn graphic visual programming and over ten kinds of built-in bending procedures for ready access.
Applicable Industries
Suction-cup automatic panel bender has been widely applied in aerospace, cartronics, railway locomotive, 
panel processing, electric cabinet, distribution box, curtain wall, ceiling, 
steelworks, elevator, home decoration, commercial kitchenware, etc.
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