Integrated coil fed laser cutting system

SF2014CH (SF2012CH) is a highly integrated coil fed laser cutting system, consisting decoiler, blanking machine, laser cutting machine and automatic stacking device. Senfeng has pushed the thickness limit of coil to 14mm, which is the first to apply this exclusive technology to practical production and make coil fed for medium metal possible. It’s a flexible coil-fed production line which can be tailor-made to match specific material requirements. Laser blanking line offers many advantages thanks to its use of a coil, such as savings on raw material, consistent work rates and a lower cost on labor.
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Technical Parameters of Integrated Coil Fed Laser Cutter  




Coiled Material Thickness (mm)


Coiled Material Width (mm)


 Feeding Accuracy(mm)


 Feeding Speed (m/min)


Number of leveling rollers



Advantages of Integrated Coil Fed Laser Cutting System

Double-sided decoiler: the maximum loading capacity of double-sided decoiler can reach to 30T. One loading can be processed for longer time, save time and labor on frequent loading.


Adopting powerful blanking machine with 11 rollers, it can straighten the coil as well as release the tension inside, to ensure the accuracy in the following cutting process.

Flexible production line allows day long unmanned mass production, with simultaneous part stacking.

Application Materials Of Integrated Coil Fed Laser Cutter

Medium thick coil laser cutting system, with highly flexible integration, is widely used in various industries including Sheet metal processing, machinery

 manufacturing, auto parts manufacturing, electrical manufacturing, elevator manufacturing, 

petroleum machinery, food machinery, decoration advertising and so on.

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