What is 3D Five-axis Laser Cutting Machine?
SF3015TD adopts a more complex structure with three linear axes and two rotary axes, allowing for greater flexibility and precision in cutting, as the laser head can move in multiple directions to create complex shapes and angles.

➤ N*360° fully surround cutting
➤ 3-5 times faster than traditional 3D robots
➤ Fully enclosed intelligent anti-collision structure
➤ Suitable for workpieces of various shapes (flat, curved, spherical, etc.)
➤Super-high speed and precision
Technical Parameters of 3D Five-Axis Laser Cutting Machine
Model SF3015TD
Travel (L*W) 3000*1500mm
Z-axis top (horizontal) processing height 0-700mm
Positioning Accuracy ±0.05mm
Maximum Speed 100m/min
Maximum Acceleration 1G
A-axis rotation angle ±135°
C-axis rotation angle N*360°
A/C-axis unidirectional positioning accuracy 30 Arc Sec
A/C-axis repeated positioning accuracy 7 Arc Sec
Total power protection level IP54

Highlights of SF3015TD

  • ❖Higher and more accurate positioning accuracy
    ❖No resonance with strong rigidity
    ❖Better stability and greater compressive strength

  • ❖N*360° rotation and ±135 ° swing

    ❖Powerful follow-up performance (acceleration up to 2G)

    ❖The center of the light path always remains consistent while cutting head rotating

    ❖Automatic focusing to achieve multiple zoom cutting of a single program


  • ❖Dual screen monitoring

    ❖Powerful teaching function

    ❖Constant speed limit and stable processing function

    ❖Five-axis RTCP tool tip the following function

    ❖SENFNEG professional CAM offline software

    ❖Remote assistance module (optional)

  • ❖Secure interlocking protective doors for closed operation
    ❖Intelligent safety light curtain to prevent personnel from entering by mistake

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