SF6020T automatic tube laser cutting machine
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SF6020T Automatic metal tube laser cutter is also called tube laser cutting machine,which is used for cutting round tube,square tube,rectangular tube and other metal tube.Can cut round pipe with diameter <220mm and square pipe with side length <150mm.

SF6020T laser tube cutting machine is equipped with fiber laser device,  laser power  from 1kw to 4kw,for more details ,just send e-mail(senfeng@sfcnclaser.com)to us.

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               Model                       SF6020T
steel tube laser cutter
Tube Length
6000mm * φ 20-220mm
Laser Power 1kw/1.5kw/2kw/3kw/4kw
Maximum Speed 100m/min
Positioning Accuracy 0.05mm
Repeated Positioning Accuracy ±0.03mm/m
Maximum Rotational Speed 100r/min

Pneumatic Chuck Clamping

1.Flexible and adjustable, improve efficiency.
2.Suitable for various shapes of tube.
3.More safe,easy to install, saving manpower, less Consumption,less costs.
4.Optional 3m or 6m tube cutting.

Automatic Tracing-Edge

Automatic tracking, automatic nesting, double efficiency, smooth surface.

  • 1
    Automatic Loading
    Through the numerical control system to  realize the loading and unloading, automatic collection of finished products and materials, saving labor costs and improving cutting efficiency.

  • 2
    Floating  Support
    The unique V-shaped and parallel follow-up support function overcomes the drooping and swing of the workpiece to ensure long tube cutting accuracy.
  • 3
    Honeycomb Carbon Structure
    After high temperature annealing treatment, using precision welding process whole welding, with high strength and stability.
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