Flexible Metal Processing Line

TOP series is a flexible metal processing line, which contains coil-fed laser cutting system, panel bending machine, welding machine and automated sorting systems in between to help you streamline your production from raw material to end-products. It’s a fully automated yet open production line which you can add other modules to realize multiple processing functions. TOP series is an automation solution to maximize overall performance and achieve unmanned continuous production.

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Advantages of Flexible Metal Processing Line 
  • Connectivity

    Any separate module or the whole line can be connected to MES system to achieve unified management.

  • Boost productivity

    A combination of high power laser cutting machine, automatic bending center and laser welding platform can help you boost productivity to the maximum.

  • Unmatched speed and intelligence

    The whole line is highly-integrated with top speed of cutting, bending and welding.


Application Industry Of Flexible Metal Processing Line

Flexible Metal Processing Line is used to cut mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, brass and other steel; 

Application in automobile industry, sheet metal industry, furniture industry, advertising industry, etc.

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