What is Automatic Panel Bending Center​​​​​​​
SENFENG Flexible Bending Center focuses on solving various complex sheet metal bending problems in metal forming. Through multi-axis concurrent linkage, the dependence on molds and labor is solved, production efficiency is effectively improved, and production costs are reduced.
Various machine sizes and features available
3-5x bending speed that of the CNC press brake
2 feeding methods can be optional (Suction cup type/Push-down type)
High degree of automation and high production efficiency
Technical Parameter
Model BDC-1500
(Push-down type)
(Suction-cup type)
Maximum bending length 1500mm
Maximum bending width 1250mm
Maximum bending height 200mm(optional:300mm) 170mm
Maximum thickness and bending angle (Standard tools) Steel, UTS 410 N/mm2 2.0mm 1.0mm
Stainless steel, UTS 660 N/mm2 1.5mm 0.8mm
Aluminium, UTS 265 N/mm2 2.5mm 1.3mm
Minimum thickness 0.35mm
Gas pressure 0.6MPa
Axis 13 10
Fastest bend speed 0.2S/bend
Air consumption 20NL/min
Dimensions(mm) 4400*2000*3050(L*W*H)
Weight 13000kg 12000kg
Whether support the feeding of hollowed out plates or not ×
Highlights of SENFENG BDC Series
High Efficiency and Precision
High Efficiency and Precision
BDC series is a new generation of fully automatic multilateral bending center. The product not only saves a lot of manpower, but the continuous bending speed is 3 times that of the CNC bending machine, reaching 0.2s/time.
Universal bending Tool
Universal Bending Tool
The life of the bending knife can reach one million times (thin sheet).
It adopts high-strength 42Crmo material, which has been made more durable and wear-resistant after more than ten processing processes including overall forging, quality adjustment, and high-frequency quenching.
Professional CNC System
Professional CNC System
SENFENG uses the multi-axis concurrent link intelligent CNC system of the EtherCAT bus protocol to support up to 64 axes. At the same time, it can realize graphic visual programming, and 2D drawing process programming.
Robotic Loading and Unloading System
Robotic Loading and Unloading System (Optional)
It can reduce the time and labor cost of manual operation, improving production stability and consistency. In addition, it can also realize the automation and intelligence of the production line, improving the overall efficiency and competitiveness of the production line.
Bending Capacity
The bending center can easily realize basic bending styles such as right angle, acute angle, obtuse angle, etc., 
and can also realize arc, dead edge, return type, closed type 
and other complex sheet metal bending requirements.
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