Which Industries of High-speed Laser Micromachining Equipment is Suitable for?

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With the development of laser technology, more and more high-frequency pulsed lasers and even ultrafast lasers are used. Traditional galvanometer scanning equipment is increasingly unable to match such laser applications due to limited scanning speed and low damage resistance threshold. In order to adapt to industrial production efficiency, the research and development of polygon high speed rotating mirror scanning system is imminent.Due to its unique advantages, laser high-speed micromachining technology plays an important role in the upgrading of fine high-speed manufacturing processes.At present, laser high-speed micromachining technology is widely used in semiconductor industry, optoelectronic industry, biomedical, aerospace, material structure and manufacturing. Mainly material surface treatment, laser high-speed microgroup hole processing, marking, large area bitmap processing, cutting and other fine processing technology. In particular, the European Union has invested a lot of research funds for the research and development of high-speed rotating mirror applied in the laser micro-processing industry, focusing on laser surface treatment, material hydrophobic, hydrophilic, anti-ice structure, the third generation of solar cells, a new generation of meshing gear and other directions.

Industries that Benefit from the equipment

To give a simple example, it may take tens of minutes or even longer to ablate thousands of micron-scale high-quality micro-holes and micro-pits on the processed target using a laser galvanometer scanner. However, the laser high-speed micro-machining equipment based on rotary mirror can effectively solve the laser high-efficiency, high-speed micro-group hole processing.Due to the equipment in the process of high-speed scanning operation can still ensure perfect repeatable positioning accuracy, can effectively complete the ultra-fast laser micromachining field operation requirements, especially the laser group hole processing really realize laser processing - ten thousand holes per second.If you are a manufacturer of these aspects including: laser processing micro hole, laser processing dense group hole, laser high speed surface treatment, high density filter hole processing, semiconductor material surface treatment, material micro texture/hydrophobic/hydrophilic structure weaving, you should be more interested in this!

Biomedical industry

High speed laser micromachining equipment based on rotary mirror can prepare precise filtering materials and has important applications in many medical instruments. In addition, in the medical field, metal biomaterials play an important role in the preparation and repair of some damaged biological hard tissues such as joints, skulls and teeth. At present, it is a hot topic of medical research to manufacture bone plate by adding biomedical materials into group holes in titanium alloy or polyether ether ketone materials

Aerospace Industry

The aerospace industry has always been one of the industries in pursuit of high quality and high precision. Precision parts, instrument panels and communication equipment need to process dense micro-holes and micro-hole structures. Therefore, laser high-speed micro-machining equipment based on rotary mirror may play an unexpected key role in this industry.

Semiconductor industry

The surface treatment of semiconductor materials such as monocrystalline silicon, silicon carbide, and graphene has become a research hotspot of many scholars in recent years. The surface modification of semiconductor materials can optimize the structure itself, which has great application value and research value.Laser micro-hole drilling based on polygon mirror scaner can form a nano micro pit mechanism or dot line structure on the surface of silicon carbide at high speed.

Material texture and manufacturing

At present, the EU has invested about 50 billion funds to study laser high-speed micromachining equipment based on polygon mirror scanner, which is mainly aimed at material texture and manufacturing. Laser surface treatment is a very important research direction, especially the preparation of hydrophobic/hydrophilic / anti-ice structure on the material surface, which plays an important role in navigation materials and aerospace materials. With economic growth and the acceleration of urbanization, the demand for such materials is increasing.

New energy

The laser high-speed micromachining equipment based on a polygon mirror scanner is conducive to the processing of micropores by traditional solar cells, especially thousands of micropores that need to be processed on the surface of EWT solar cells. The traditional processing method is inefficient and can not meet the increasing industrial production efficiency. The third generation perovskite solar cell is also one of the key research directions invested by the EU in the project.


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