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Metal processing

Put simply, sheet metal processing is the cutting of a variety of plates into a variety of different graphics. Laser cutting machine is in full swing in the development of this industry.

With the accelerated development of China's industrialization process, the requirements of processing enterprises to improve production efficiency and reduce production costs are gradually increasing. Ordinary metal processing equipment has been unable to meet the needs of industrialized mass production. Fiber laser cutting machine has become one of the main tools for sheet metal processing. Compared with traditional sheet metal processing methods, the application of fiber laser cutting machine is not only a technological innovation, but also a breakthrough in processing efficiency and quality.

Using laser cutting machine can shorten the cycle of workpiece processing. In addition, it can process very complex parts with high precision. Computer software controls the cutting pattern and reduces the process of stamping die, which is also an important factor for laser cutting machine to be widely used in manufacturing enterprises. The use of laser cutting machine in sheet metal processing is the inevitable trend of continuous development of sheet metal processing industry.



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SENFENG LASER is a professional fiber laser machine manufacturer. The two products are our hot sale products for metal processing industry. The open type fiber laser cutting machine is used to cut thin sheet plate, the closed metal laser cutter is suitsble to cut mild sheet plate. They passed CE/ FDA/ ETL certifications.  
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