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Hardware Cabinet Industry

Hardware cabinets refer to the cabinets processed by sheet metal processing equipment, which is applicable to a wide range of fields.As a manufacturing, main problem is the waste of materials and time. Besides, with increasing demand of product aesthetics and acceleration of product innovation, the traditional processing method is obviously inadequate.
Now, the processing of hardware cabinets generally uses fiber laser cutting machine.
The main reason is that most of the outer covers of the cabinets are processed by sheet metal processing equipment. The metal laser cutting machine has strong cutting ability on flat plates and high cutting efficiency. Before there is a better solution, the laser cutting machine is the most economical and most efficient processing method in hardware cabinet industry.



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Sheet and tube fiber laser cutter 
The materials in this industry are mostly mid-thick plates and tubes. The aser power of SF3015H is from 1kw to 6kw. And  it can cut up to 25mm metal sheet. The working area is from 3060mm*1530mm to 6060mm×2530mm. SF3015M tube and sheet laser cutter can cut pipe with 3m and 6m. The laser power is from 1kw to 3kw,  which can meet the needs of most customers for cutting pipes.
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