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Elevator industry

Nowadays, with economic development, especially the surge in real estate construction, the demand for elevators and accessories is also rising. The elevator industry has ushered in a new stage of development. However, the contradiction between the increasing product demand and the outdated production technology is increasing. In this case, laser technology emerged in elevator manufacturing.
The advantages of metal laser cutting machine in elevator manufacturing are as follows:
1.Short processing cycle
Just input the pattern in the computer software to process the material.
2. High processing flexibility
For a small number of workpieces with complex contour, ordinary machining methods cannot be realized. Fiber laser cutting machines can deal with all kinds of irregular workpieces because of its high automation and intelligence.
3. Good cutting effect
Many stainless steel decorative plates have high requirements for cutting surfaces. Smooth edges and shiny surfaces can fully meet customer’s needs.
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Mainly recommend the following fiber laser cutting machines.  SF3015H full cover fiber laser cutter has exchangeable table and full protection structure. The exchangeable table saves loading and unloading time, and improves work efficiency. SF3015G fiber laser cutter is our hot sale product. Its mid power and open structure can meet the general requirements of customers.  
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