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Electricity industry

With continuous development of power systems, the pace of power grid construction is accelerating. Transformers are very important facilities. 

At present, there are more than a thousand transformer production manufacturers in China. The industrial scale continues to rise, and the transformer production technology is gradually improving. In order to achieve higher production efficiency and quality, fiber laser cutting machines are favored by transformer manufacturers due to their advantages.
Fiber laser cutting machines shorten the manufacturing cycle of transformer sheet metal shells. Computer-controlled cutting improves the precision and durability of the shell structure.
In terms of product development and production efficiency, it saves a lot of time and cost.




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High power fiber laser cutter& tube laser cutting machine
The kitchenware industry uses thin plate to process products generally. The following two products are machines suitable for processing kitchenware.  SF3015G fiber laser cutting machine is open type structure, which is convenient for loading and unloading. SF3015A metal laser cutter has exchangeable table. The platform exchange time is within 25S, which greatly improves work efficiency. 
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