WESTEC 2023 | Meet SENFENG in California, USA

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Exhibition Name: WESTEC 2023

Time: Nov. 7-9, 2023

Add: Long Beach Convention Center, California, USA

SENFENG Booth: 1617


Till now, WESTEC has lasted for 55 years and developed into an all-important access to get the hang of mechanical trends of the North America even the whole globe. As a manufacturing event of authority on the West Coast, this exhibition is held with the purpose of letting mechanical exhibitors compete on the same stage, and bringing the state-of-the-art technology and products to the front of all visitors. At that time, thousands of best-in-class machinery manufacturers will gather together to discuss and deliberate over the bright future of industrial automation.

All staff of SENFENG’s subsidiary in California, America are going to be present on this fair. In consequence, visitors can enjoy our local-based intimate service. Furthermore, its scope of service has expanded to Canada, Mexico and South American countries like Chile, Brazil. WESTEC 2023, an initiative to exploit American market, will give SENFENG a further push to the development of global business layout.

Machines on Display

Designed for Compact Shop

 Main Highlights

* Small occupied area

L*W*H 2985*2160*2000mm

* Much less oversea freights

Be packaged in a 20GP container

* No smoke dust pollution

Fully-protective structure & zoning ventilation

* No worry about power failure

Hi-end CNC system with large touch screen and memory cache

* Cut sheets of different thicknesses

Content-rich cutting process database

* Easy to load and unload

Pull-out worktable

 Context of Use

Excel at cutting small and thin sheets. Due to its small investments, this machine is more suitable for start-ups and has been widely used in metal sheet processing, elevator manufacturing, advertising and other metalworking industries.

Laser welding, compared with traditional metal welding patterns, can do without welding experience. With it, your workpiece will see pleasing and solid seams and few pollution as a result of tiny heat-affected zone.  

 Main Highlights

* Reduction of 2 welders

* No need for welding experience

* Efficiency gains by 2-10 times

* Weld 0.5-3mm thick material

* Work at will within the scope of 360°

* Butt, overlap, stitch, stud and T-joint welding

* Economize on power by 80-90%

* Over 10 kinds of foreign languages

Context of Use

Fit for SS, AL, copper, chromium, nickel, titanium and other metals or alloys. It is widely used in metalworking industries like medical equipment, communications, aerospace, manufacturing of machinery, battery and elevator, as well as household appliances.

This exhibition will start on Nov. 7 and continue for three days together. SENFENG hereby invites all of you to go from online to offline to take a close look at the charm of laser in new era, and have an immersive experience on zealous communication between this Chinese enterprise and global mechanical industry. In this way, the worldwide industrial automation and production digitization are going to be pushed towards a promising tomorrow.

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