Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
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What is  metal fiber laser cutting machine?

The 4th generation SF3015H fiber laser cutter is mainly designed for high power :6kw to 20kw, it is with full-protection cover, which can prevent the laser radiation and protect the worker safety, reduce the environment pollution; and it is also with auto-exchangeable platforms, which can save the materials loading time, improve the processing efficiency. The exchange platform only takes 20 seconds to complete the exchange.

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Technical Parameters of Metal Fiber Laser Cutter

           Model                       SF3015H/SF4020H/SF6020H/SF6025H/SF8025H/SF12025H
   Working Area(mm) 3050* 1530/4050 * 2030/6050* 2030/6050* 2530/ 8050 * 2530/12050* 2530
   Working Area(in) 120*60/159*80/238*80/238*100/317*100/ 474*100
  X-axis Travel 1530mm/ 2030mm/2530mm
 Y -axis Travel 3050mm/4050mm/6050mm/8050mm/12050mm
 Laser Power  


Maximum Speed  


Maximum acceleration  1.0G

X/Y Axis positioning accuracy



 X/Y Axis repeated positioning accuracy  

± 0.02mm



Main Features of  cnc metal fiber laser cutter


Heavy-duty Thermally Isolated Hollow Bed

The heavy-duty thermally isolated hollow bed is welded with high-quality steel plates and pipes. After welding, stress relief annealing, secondary aging treatment, 

and ultra-large gantry milling machine precision processing ensure that the bed has sufficient structural stability and shock resistance.  

The bed will not be deformed after long-term use, which improves the service life of the equipment.


Intelligent surrounding spiral negative pressure dust removal


Intelligent surrounding spiral negative pressure partition dust removal system, according to the current cutting position, 

intelligently switch the air outlet, time-sharing, partition, and sectional air exhaust, and cooperate with the back-shaped 

sealing structure design at the bottom of the base to realize smokeless cutting.8kw or higher power machine has gaphite, copper protection.


Strong Aviated Aluminum Beam


The use of aviation-grade high-strength aluminum alloy beams, light weight, low inertia; built-in triangular reinforced structure, strong rigidity, good shock absorption; 

rough machining after annealing to eliminate internal stress, and fine machining after secondary vibration aging treatment to ensure Improve the overall strength and stability of the beam.


What are application materials?

SF3015H metal sheet  fiber laser cutter is used to cut mild steel,stainless steel,aluminum alloy,brass and other steel; Application in automobile industry,sheet metal industry,furniture industry,advertising industry,etc.

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