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Kitchenware industry

The kitchenware industry includes a variety of products, ranging from stoves to tableware. With the diversification demand, most kitchenware are made of stainless steel, aluminum, iron and other metal plates. The key to producing high quality kitchenware lies in its manufacturing process. 
The traditional kitchenware processing equipment is based on CNC punch. After polishing, cutting board, bending and other processes, a product can be completed. Low efficiency, big mould consumption and high processing cost have been troubling many manufacturers.
For kitchenware processing manufacturers, the application of fiber laser cutting machines can cut higher-quality kitchenware, helping the kitchenware industry move towards high-end.
Kitchenware is mainly made of stainless steel now, which is generally very thin, basically within 3mm. Metal laser cutting machines can cut metal without burrs, achieving smooth effect. Besides, the laser cutting machine satisfies the customized needs of the kitchenware market well. During processing, the cutting of stainless steel and the engraving of metal surface patterns can be completed by automatic programming, reducing the mold costs. So the production cycle is short, which meets the demand for rapid replacement.



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Thin sheet fiber laser cutter
The kitchenware industry uses thin plate to process products generally. The following two products are machines suitable for processing kitchenware.  SF3015G fiber laser cutting machine is open type structure, which is convenient for loading and unloading. SF3015A metal laser cutter has exchangeable table. The platform exchange time is within 25S, which greatly improves work efficiency. 
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