How Much Is A Laser Cladding Machine?

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Laser cladding machines are used for the metal additive repair of the worn parts, and for wear resistance enhancement of some new parts. These can include Shaft, Roller, Hydraulic Cylinder, wear plates, mixer blades, ect. A laser cladding machine is quite expensive, so you must be wondering how much a Laser Cladding Machine will be in 2022. Or how much will it cost you to purchase one specific model?

The cost of a laser cladding machine depends largely on the size and complexity of your project, as well as the laser power selection. A small-scale laser cladding machine can be done for around $100000, while a large-scale laser cladding machine can cost between $250000 to $350000. So, it all depends on the size and efficiency of the machine.

So now you must be wondering which type of cladding machine is good to buy, and is it really worth buying a laser cladding equipment in 2022? So, let's discuss the costs of different types of laser cladding machines so that you can choose which one you should buy according to your budget.

How Much is a Laser Cladding Machine?

A laser cladding equipment can be purchased for professional supplier between $100000 and $350000. The price depends on the laser system's size, requirements, and laser power. Generally, a small-scale unit costs between $100000 to $200000, while a large-scale one can cost up to $200000 to $350000.

The price of a cladding machine will also depend on whether you are buying it from a local supplier or an international brand. The former option is often cheaper than the latter but comes with limited features and support. However, if you have decided to buy one, ensure that the company offers after-sale services in case anything goes wrong with your machine.

The price also depends on the manufacturer and their reputation in the market. If you are looking for a laser cladding technology machine that can be used as an industrial tool, then you will end up paying for good quality and better after-sales services. But if you buy from a less known manufacturer, then you will be able to save some money, but it will not be a reliable purchase decision.

Besides, you will need to consider some capacity data of the machine you will choose. Work piece size; holding capacity, efficiency, Laser power.

Another factor affecting overall cost is whether you want to buy a used or new laser cladding equipment. A used one will cost less than half the price of a brand new unit, which may be attractive to some people. However, it’s important to note that buying used equipment is not always a good idea as they are often in poor condition and can break down anytime.

Costs of Different Types of Laser Cladding Machines

The different types of laser cladding technology machines also greatly impact the cost. For example, if you want to buy a machine that can be used for bigger projects, then it will be more expensive than one that is dedicated for this standard size alone.

Another factor that affects the overall price is whether you want to buy a stand-alone or fully equipped unit. The latter is much more expensive as it has been designed in such a way that all the parts are already incorporated into one piece.

So let's get to know the average cost of different Laser Cladding Equipment.

Robot Laser Cladding working station Cost -  SFR6063

Robot laser cladding working station are the most expensive type of laser cladding equipment. They are also the most advanced and can be used for various applications, including surface treatment, old worn out part repair, and new parts enhancement.

Usually the working range for such a unit will be diameter 1.5m; length 6m. Optional we can offer it with 9m, 12m, 15m as well.

The average cost of a robot-controlled laser cladding equipment is between $50,000 and $60,000. This does not include the cost of installation, training, or maintenance services that may be required after purchase. The duration of these services varies depending on your system's complexity but usually lasts for around two weeks after installation.

If you are planning to buy one from an established manufacturer such as SENFENG, you can expect a price tag that you will never find anywhere else because they are prone to provide good quality products at a lower price range.

Lathe Laser Cladding Machines Cost - SFH3050 / SFHS3050

If you want to purchase a metal laser cladding machine for industrial use, then you can expect to pay anywhere from $100000 to $150000. This is because many different brands and types of machines are available on the market today. Each one has different features and specifications that will affect its price range.

Mobile Robot Laser Cladding Machines Cost -  SFMR02

If you want to purchase a mobile robot laser cladding equipment, then you can expect to pay from $135000 to $350000. This is because mobile robot laser cladding machines are quite different from usual ones. They are robot operated but not that big in size. That is why they can be bought for between $135000 to $350000 depending on various things like size, power, efficiency, etc.

Is it Worth Buying a Laser Cladding Machine?

Yes, it is worth buying a laser cladding technology machine. It can be used for many different applications in the industry and will help you save a lot of time and money as well. This is because laser cladding machines are much more efficient than other methods in achieving the same results.

Where to Buy the Best Laser Cladding Machine?

SENFENG is the best place to buy the best laser cladding machines. They are a top-ranked company that has been in the industry for years. They provide high-quality Senfeng laser cladding machines at a reasonable price and have a large selection of different laser cladding technology machines for all your needs. SENFENG also provides excellent customer service and technical support if anything goes wrong with your Senfeng laser cladding machines, so you can feel secure knowing they have your back.


Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, laser cladding machines can be a great investment. They will save you time and money while providing high-quality products that meet your needs. So we hope this cost guide will be helpful for you to make a purchase decision according to your needs and budget.




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