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Handicraft Industry

On the market, our common crafts are mainly made of plastic and wood. We rarely see metal crafts! With the development of science and technology, children nowadays have more curiosity about some technological products.For those parents who are busy with work all day, metal crafts can be regarded as the top quality gifts. It can not only make cute little dinosaur shapes, but also make airplanes, robots, cars, etc., and accompany children to grow up with the educational model of science and technology.
There are two highlights of laser cutting machine processing metal crafts:
1. Low processing cost. Fiber laser cutting machine processing metal crafts does not need to open the mold, reducing cost. On the other hand, the laser cutting machine processes the parts at one time. The cut parts can be directly spliced, reducing the cost from process. In particular, the laser cutting machine can process small batches, reducing inventory pressure and reducing operating risks.
2. Flexible processing. In terms of operation, the laser cutting machine only needs to input the drawings. Whether it is the development or improvement of handicrafts, it has high flexibility and reduces scientific research costs.



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Sheet metal fiber laser cutter 
The full cover metal laser cutter SF1313G is mostly used to cut thin metal. Small size provides the possibility for customers with small workshops. The enclosed structure not only reduces the environmental pollution, but also protects the operator's safety. The other metal lasr cutting machine SF3015G is with high performance and mature technology. And it is one of our hot products.
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