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Handheld Fiber Laser Welding Machine SF3000HWM

Laser power:3kw
Weld thickness:≤6mm
  • Laser welding is a welding method that uses a focused laser beam as an energy source to bombard the weldment with the heat generated.

  • Because the laser has optical properties such as refraction and focusing, laser welding is very suitable for the welding of micro-parts and parts with poor weldability.

  • Laser welding has the characteristics of low heat input, small welding deformation, and is not affected by electromagnetic fields.

  • The welding process is of thermal conductivity type, that is, the surface of the workpiece is heated by laser radiation, and the surface heat is diffused to the inside through heat conduction.

  • By controlling the laser power, swing width, frequency and other parameters, the workpiece is melted to form a specific molten pool.



Laser Power


Weld splicing requirements

Filler welding≤1MM       Self-fusion welding is ≤15% of the thickness of the plate and ≤0.3MM

Weld thickness

≤6mm(The limit can reach 8mm, but it is not recommended for daily processing)

Total length of torch wire

10m(The length of the wire feeding tube is 3 meters)

Welding gun weight


Equipment net weigh


  • The heat input can be reduced to the minimum required amount, the metallographic change range of the heat-affected zone is small, and the deformation caused by heat conduction is also the lowest.

  • There is no need to use electrodes, and there is no concern about electrode contamination or damage. And because it is not a contact welding process, the wear and deformation of the machine tool can be minimized.

  • The laser beam can be focused on a small area, and small and closely spaced parts can be welded.

  • There is a wide range of weldable materials, and various heterogeneous materials can also be joined to each other.

  • It is easy to automate high-speed welding, and it can also be controlled by digital or computer.

  • When welding thin materials or thin-diameter wires, there is no trouble of melting back like arc welding.

  • It is not affected by the magnetic field (arc welding and electron beam welding are easy), and can accurately align the weldment.

  • Two metals with different physical properties (such as different resistances) can be welded.

Handheld laser welding machine SF3000HWM can be used to weld stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, chromium, nickel, titanium, and other metals.

laser welding machine

Metal laser welding machine is widely used in the auto industry, electronics industry, food machinery, household appliances, and so on.

fiber laser welding machine




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