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Decoration Industry

The traditional decoration are inflexible and unattractive. For example, iron doors and windows are widely used in the decoration of various places, but its production process is complicated. Besides, now the decoration industry is keen to use stainless steel. It is favored by customers because of its high mechanical performance and the color change with light. So it is often seen in some five-star clubs and public leisure places.
Fiber laser cutting machine has greatly promoted the development of decoration industry. It is a high-tech product integrating laser cutting, precision machinery, numerical control technology and other disciplines. Its cutting is flexible and fast, meeting various customized needs. Fiber laser cutting machines bring more creativity to the decoration industry and become the new favorite of this industry.



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Sheet and pipe fiber laser cutting machine
Door and window processing usually needs to be efficient to complete the processing time. The materials usually are sheet and pipe in this inidustry. The SF3015A is high processing efficiency with exchange table, saving loading and unloading time. The sheet and pipe laser cutting machine SF3015M can cut sheet and pipe, satisfying different cutting requirements.
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