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In 1886, Carl Benz produced the world's first three-wheeled car. Over the past 100 years, automobile industry has been innovating its manufacturing technology. As one of the great inventions of the 20th century, the application of laser in automobile manufacturing has epoch-making significance. This advanced processing technology has penetrated into all aspects of automobile manufacturing, covering welding, cutting, punching, marking, heat treatment and forming, and even the micro-processing of electronic systems.
There are many places need fiber laser cutting machine to process, such as car door, car brake pad, car wheel and so on. In order to ensure safety, many precision parts in automobiles must be cut with high precision. 
The following advantages are the reasons why the fiber metal laser cutting machine is perfectly suitable for sheet metal cutting. 1) Burr-free; 2) Cutting pattern is formed at one time; 3) High accuracy; X/Y Axis positioning accuracy can up to ±0.05mm/m. Repeated positioning accuracy is only ± 0.02mm. 
In addition, fiber laser welding machines are also widely used in the automotive processing industry. Such as car body welding. The main reason is to increase its strength and to solve the difficulty of conventional spot welding in some parts. The laser welding machine also welds gears and transmission parts. These places are often formed by joining and welding individual parts to each other.



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3D robot metal laser cutter 
laser welding machine
The automobile industry can use 3D robot laser cutting machine and laser welding machine to achieve lean production. 3D Robot laser cutting machine greatly improve the cutting accuracy. Laser welding machine has handheld welding head with more flexibility.
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