Application of Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine in Home Appliance Industry

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With the continuous development of laser technology in our country and the rising industrial processing technology, laser cutting technology is in rapid development and progress, then its application in the home appliance industry is becoming more and more widely, in the commonly used electrical appliances, sheet metal laser cutting machine is mainly used in washing machine, refrigerator, air conditioner, and other products of the shell metal pieces, plastic parts, metal parts of the drilling, cutting.

The traditional cutting technology has such problems as tool wear, low machining efficiency, and easy to produce burr, surface roughness and deformation. In contrast, sheet metal fiber laser cutting machine has many advantages and has become the common choice of stainless steel processing enterprises.

1. No processing stress, no deformation of the workpiece

Laser cutting equipment can be used to cut steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, hard alloy plate without deformation, not affected by the hardness of the material.

2. No secondary treatment, high processing efficiency

The non-contact processing mode is adopted, which will not affect the deformation of the workpiece, nor the next process, and the laser cutting treatment is not secondary treatment, the cutting surface is smooth.

3. High positioning accuracy

The laser beam is focused into a very small point of light, which makes the focal point reach a very high power density. The material is soon heated to the degree of gasification and vaporized to form holes. The positioning accuracy is high, so the cutting accuracy is also high.

4. No tool wear, low maintenance cost

There is no loss in cutting stainless steel with a laser cutting machine, the processing cost is low, and the subsequent maintenance is free.

Sheet metal fiber laser cutter in addition to the traditional blanking, cutting Angle, opening and trimming technology incomparable flexibility and machining accuracy, but also can achieve customized, personalized high batch production. Because the laser cutting machine is "contactless processing", no mold production and cost, processing graphics produced by software, patterns are diverse, so it can effectively improve product quality, reduce production costs, and meet the production customization, refinement requirements of enterprises.If you want to know more about our products,please contact us.

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