Application of 1.5kw Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine in The Automotive Industry

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In the auto industry, the old paint is removed from the surface of the car so that new paint can be applied before the body is overhauled. There are many traditional car body paint cleaning means, mainly mechanical and chemical means, these means have high cost, high energy consumption, easy pollution, easy to damage the surface of the substrate defects, has gradually failed to meet the high requirements for environmental protection of modern cleaning means.

In view of this situation, many kinds of new cleaning technology arises at the historical moment, 1.5kw fiber laser cleaning machine as one of the important means, gradually shows its superiority. Selective removal, no substrate damage and fast cleaning rate are the key favorable factors for laser cleaning paint.

Advantages of 1.5kw fiber laser cleaning machine :

1.Automatic assembly line: laser cleaning machine can be integrated with CNC machine tools or robots to implement remote control cleaning, can realize the automation of equipment, the formation of product assembly line operation, intelligent operation.

2.Accurate positioning: non-contact laser cleaning is performed on parts that are difficult to reach by traditional cleaning methods such as special-shaped parts, holes, grooves, etc.

3.No damage: Short-term impact will not heat the metal surface, and no damage to the substrate.

4.Good stability: the pulse laser used by the laser cleaning machine has a long service life, usually up to 100000 hours of service life, stable quality and good reliability.

5.No environmental pollution:Do not need to use any chemical agents and cleaning fluid, cleaning down the waste is basically solid powder, small volume, easy to store, can be recycled, non-light chemical reaction, no pollution.

6.Low maintenance cost: There is no consumption of consumables during the use of the laser cleaning machine, and the operating cost is low. Only the lenses need to be cleaned or replaced regularly in the later period. The maintenance cost is low and close to maintenance-free.

The above is the 1.5kw fiber laser cleaner in the automotive industry cleaning applications, the use of laser polishing, surface cleaning and coating removal applications, is rapidly developing, if you want to know more about our products, please contact senfeng.





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