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Advertising industry

Advertising is become part of daily life. It is related to all industries such as catering, entertainment, automotive, communications, and industry. With the rapid development of society, various industries constantly put forward new requirements to the advertising industry. The font on the billboard is indispensable with the participation of the laser marking machine. The use of laser cutting machines has also promoted the innovation of advertising industry.
The most used materials in the advertising industry are mainly stainless steel and other metal materials, and laser cutting machines have obvious processing advantages for them.
1. Flexibility, The laser cutting machine can cut any special-shaped metal products, the only thing is that input the graphics through CAD to realize fast cutting;
2. Save materials. The reasonable typesetting, the utilization rate of metal can be maximized and the cost waste can be reduced.
3. Energy saving and environmental protection. No need air pollution and noise pollution.
Fiber laser marking machines are used to mark stainless steel, ceramics, plastic, glass, stone, leather, cloth, bamboo and so on. 
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Indispensable laser cutting machine & laser marking machine
The advertising industry generally cuts and marks plate sheets.  Customers generally choose the following two kinds of machines for processing.  SF3015G metal laser cutter generally cuts plates with good stability and performance. The laser power is from 1kw-3kw. SF200F fiber laser marking machine is high integration. It is widely used to mark all kinds of metal sample(color marking is available).
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