Advantages and Technical Features of Coil-fed Laser Cutting Machines

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In the current industrial manufacturing, for the convenience of storage and transportation, sheet metal parts are made into coil. In production and use, the coil should be uncoiled and leveled first, and then use fiber laser cutting machine to cut the sheet.

The coil-fed laser cutting system consists of decoiler, blanking machine, laser cutting machine and automatic stacking device. It’s a flexible coil-fed production line which can be tailor-made to match specific material requirements.The laser blanking line can realize automatic production, which greatly improves the production efficiency and reduces labor costs. At the same time, it also has the characteristics of high efficiency, high precision and convenient operation.

In recent years, with the development of the laser industry and the continuous maturity of the manufacturing system, the coil-fed laser cutting production line has played a huge role in practical applications with its unique advantages and technical characteristics.

Advantages of Coil-fed Laser Cutting Machines

1. Continuous cutting production, high utilization rate. After the coil is uncoiled and leveled, it is fed into the rotary table of the laser cutting machine by the feeder for cutting. With the movement of the worktable, the process of cutting while feeding can be realized, which effectively shortens the cutting time of parts and improves the efficiency of the equipment.

2. The production is flexible and can respond to the changing needs of production at any time. When the required parts are changed, the two-dimensional graphics can be modified through the programming software, and the required parts can be cut without changing the hardware structure of the equipment. Laser blanking lines have the flexibility to manufacture different products.

3. It has the function of automatic typesetting to reduce the generation of excess waste. The cutting host system itself has the function of automatic typesetting, and it can be produced at any time according to the spare parts needed temporarily. The required parts are simulated and automatically arranged on the computer, so as to reduce the generation of waste as effectively as possible and reduce the production cost.

4. Low processing cost. The production process is automated, which effectively reduces labor costs. The use of laser cutting machine has less consumables and high material utilization rate, thereby further reducing the cost of the entire production line.

Technical Features of Coil Laser Cutting Production Line

1. The coil-fed laser cutting machine adopts a professional system to control the motor synchronization. During processing, the cutting table is synchronized with the uncoiling servo feeding and runs at the same speed to realize the cutting of coiled sheets.The thickness of the coil laser cutting machine produced by Senfeng can reach 14mm, and it is the first to apply this exclusive technology to actual production.

2. The straightening wheel of the leveling machine is made of bearing steel, and the surface is thickened and electroplated, which is durable and wear-resistant. The operation is simple and convenient, all the straightening wheels are geared, and have their own backup pressure wheels, which can effectively enhance the rigidity of the straightening wheels and improve the quality of the straightening.

3. The reclaiming structure of the laser blanking line is to use a reclaiming manipulator with an electromagnetic chuck to sequentially grab the finished sheets sent to the reclaiming position and place them on the lifting stacking table, and stack them neatly. The remaining waste is sent to the waste collection box at the end of the blanking line by the conveying mechanism.

In summary, the coil laser cutting production line is an advanced manufacturing technology with CNC technology as the core and combined with computer technology, communication technology and database management technology, which is suitable for the production of large quantities of parts. If you want to learn more about coil-fed laser cutting machine, please contact SENFENG.



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