Laser Cutting in the Automotive Industry

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In the automotive industry, the shape of many sheet metal structures is very complex.  Therefore, the traditional way of auto parts processing has not been able to keep up with the pace of development of this industry.  In order to conduct this process better, the advent and application of fiber laser cutting machine is particularly important.  


Checking statistics, around 80 million automobiles are sold each year globally, which is the equivalent of around 220,000 automobiles a day. Obviously, that is a great number of cars that are sold every day, and so the right methods of process the car components should be adopted to ensure that each and every automobile is of a high quality.


Further to see, a regular car has around 30,000 parts in it! That’s 6,600,000,000, parts out the door every single day! So the importance of having reliable and both efficient processes in place is not an overstatement. That’s why cutting with laser cutting technology is so significant in the automotive industry.


With the development of laser application technology, laser cutting machine is widely used in automobile parts, automobile body, automobile door frame, automobile trunk, automobile roof and other aspects, basically covering all the application fields of automobile manufacturing industry.  


Fiber laser cutting machine is specially suitable for sheet metal processing industry. With its good stability, high precision, fast speed and other advantages, it occupies an important position in the auto parts processing market. In addition, the operation of fiber laser cutting machine is simple - It only needs the cooperation of computers and machines to complete the processing of all kinds of exquisite parts.  


Laser cutting technology is the use of high energy laser beam irradiation on the surface of the workpiece to generate deformation and conduct cutting process. Combined with software, we can use CAD drawing tools to complete the cutting of high strength steel structure parts with complex contours for personalized processing needs. No matter we see this from a technical or economic point of view, laser cutting is a very effective means of processing with its obvious advantages:  


1. saving production cost  

Laser cutting processing does not need mold which greatly saves mold investment. There is no extrusion deformation of products cut by laser, and good quality is ensured, so no secondary grinding is needed subsequently, which can save unnecessary processing procedures as well as production costs.  


2. improving production efficiency  

Cutting speed of Laser cutting machine can reach 100 meters per minute. Also, laser cutting positioning accuracy is higher than traditional cutting. The fast cutting speed can help shorten the processing and manufacturing cycle directly, improve production efficiency and shorten the delivery time;  


3. cutting quality is good  

It can accurately cut complex patterns with very small deviation by convenient modification. The quality of the product is better than those cut by traditional methods - the cutting surface smooth is without any burr. Laser cutting machine is more flexible for the medium and small batches, large cutting areas and shape with complex contour, etc.


4. Large working area  

Working table of laser cutting equipment is large, which can fit the whole plate set cutting, and it is not easy for other processing equipment.  


5. Low maintenance cost

The maintenance cost of mechanical products is very expensive, while the performance of laser cutting machine is stable and durable. It is not easy to breakdown and saves a great amount of maintenance cost in the future.


SENFENG LEIMING LASER, as one of the leading company of laser technology, maintains good relations and cooperation with the privileged auto makers for a long time. We can provide the solutions for cutting holes, trimming with high precision and high speed. Our laser cutting machine has good dynamic performance and is equipped with exchange worktable, which can meet the requirements of the automobile industry.  


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