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Laser Leather Cutting Tools -SENFENG

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 Laser leather cutting tools can cut , carve and drill for large format leather ,which can increase productivity!The Price from tens of thousands to hundreds thousands of dollars, The machine has a single head of design, but also can be with dual laser head.
Such as automotive interiors industries: automotive interiors (Automotive Interior) mainly refers to automotive interior modification used by the automotive products.Automotive interiors such as car sun film, car handshake sets, car mats, car mat, cushion, mat and so are the automotive interior products, leather cutting tools can cut these materials .

laser leather cutting tools

Leather clothing industry: complex characters and graphics engraving, cutting, carving and other processing on hollow leather, synthetic leather, leather, cloth, fur. Clothing, underwear, furniture, gloves, handbags, shoes, hats, toys and car cut flower industry, engraving, beyond fashion, individuality.
Feature ofLaser Leather cutting tools contact

laser leather cutting machine

1, High precision ,high speed for large format leather, meet the entire match fabric cutting, processing.
2 ,Stable optical design, with industrial water-cooled machine, ensure large format cutting fast and efficient, stable processing quality.
3, Automatic feeding and rewinding, save time, improve efficiency, Also can be customized according to user format.
4, Special B word with countertops for autofeeding system, facilitate free movement of the workpiece in the cutting table.
5, the machine used in clothing, textiles, leather and other industries. Mainly used for acrylic sheet, fabric, leather and other non-metal cutting and carving.

More information about  Laser Leather Cutting Tools ,please contact us!

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