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Ultra-high-speed laser cladding, is known as the most competitive process that can replace electroplating technology.

Senfeng took the lead in introducing ultra-high-speed laser cladding technology into the Chinese market, and upgraded the technology industrialization. We are continuously improving the technological level and enhancing the functionality of its core components, such as the durability of the powder feeding nozzle, powder feeding accuracy, high powder feeding volume and powder usage efficiency. And its special modular design greatly reduces the processing cost, makes the replacement of worn parts unusually simple. The nozzle size can also be adjusted according to the location of the maintenance. The newly developed ultra-high-speed laser cladding processing head, through a special optical path adjustment system design, realizes the most ideal interaction between light and powder, resulting to the more stable melting of the powder, and a more efficient energy utilization.

At present, Senfeng’s ultra-high-speed laser cladding machine can meet the coating manufacturing requirements of shaft parts of various diameters and lengths. At the same time, it integrates an online sensor system for powder flow, molten pool, and coating thickness, which can monitor coating quality in real time. In response to meeting the requirements of various wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and high-temperature resistant coatings, a complete process database has been established, which can provide customers with complete equipment and technical services.

The ultra-high-speed laser cladding technology essentially changes the melting position of the powder, so that the powder meets the laser and melts above the workpiece, and then uniformly coats the surface of the workpiece. Its cladding rate can be as high as 20-200m/min. Due to the low heat input, this technology can be used for surface cladding of heat-sensitive materials, thin-walled and small-sized components, and it can be used for brand-new material combinations, such as aluminum-based materials, forming coatings on titanium-based materials or cast iron materials. Because the surface quality of the coating is significantly higher than that of ordinary laser cladding, it can be applied only by simple grinding, so the material waste and subsequent processing are greatly reduced.

Wear and corrosion resistance

◎The hardness of commonly used stainless steel anticorrosion coating reaches HRC50 or more, no pitting corrosion

◎Super-hard wear-resistant coating hardness can reach above HRC65, suitable for all kinds of surface friction and impact wear

◎The thickness of the cladding layer is 50-500 μm

◎Low dilution rate <1%

High quality and adaptability

◎High surface quality, surface roughness Rz 10um

◎Suitable for various powder materials such as iron-based, nickel-based, cobalt-based, etc.

Low heat input

◎Low power, high line speed

◎Applicable to heat sensitive substrate

◎Applicable to thin-walled parts with large aspect ratio

◎Applicable to the combination of dissimilar materials

High speed and high efficiency

◎Linear speed of cladding 20-200 m/min

◎The cladding area efficiency is 0.8-1.6 m2/h (depending on the thickness of the coating)

◎Powder dosage 3-5kg/h (depending on coating thickness)

Industrial solutions

Senfeng Laser has established ultra-high-speed laser cladding technology R&D centers and production and processing capacity centers in China. Based on the application requirements of a large number of domestic and foreign customers, the customized development process and core equipment have the ability to provide customers with industrial application technology service capabilities, including powder material selection, equipment configuration, process control, technical support and upgrade services, etc.

Industry Application

Ultra-high-speed laser cladding technology was first recognized in the coal mining machinery industry for the preparation of corrosion-resistant coatings for hydraulic support columns, and so far batch applications have been achieved on some products. At the same time, products in many industries, such as rollers, boiler heat pipes, oil drilling platforms, papermaking, and rail transit, are actively developing relevant coating technologies. Ultra-high-speed laser cladding has thinner coatings and extremely fast solidification rates.

Senfeng can provide strong process support and systematic industrial solutions, to help you  action faster ahead in metal surface enhancement industries.

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