Singapore APM 2024 | Laser Additive Manufacturing Reforms Global Maritime Industry

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Exhibition Name: Singapore APM 2024

Time: Mar. 13-15, 2024

Add: Level 1& Basement 2, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore




[About APM 2024]

APM 2024 (Asia Pacific Maritime) has developed into the most important maritime exhibition in the Asia-Pacific region. It is held to showcase the latest marine works and port technologies, and help global companies to exploit worldwide market. The show pieces mainly include shipyard & port equipment, shipbuilding machines and technologies, as well as other relevant maritime devices.

[Maritime Industry and Laser Cladding]

In maritime industry, ocean ships and relevant equipment are likely to be corroded and worn as a result of harsh ocean environment caused by high humidity and salinity. For offshore engineering units and ship parts, technical sophistication and high value also stand for great waste in case of any scraps. Laser cladding, a sort of metal surface modification craft, is effective in repairing metal surface and make substrate more resistant to corrosion, abrasion, oxidation and high temperature. It is verified that laser cladding can repair corrosive ship impeller, engine liner, intake and exhaust valve disc of diesel engine, etc. After treatment, they look nice, recover original functions and become more resistant to corrosion and abrasion arising from seawater and rugged surroundings.

 As a global provider of metal surface cladding solutions, SENFENG is settling down to the industrialization and popularization of laser cladding craft. This time, with an eye to the limitation of usable area at the exhibition, we puts no real machine on display but presents our laser cladding devices to on-site visitors through rich-content display boards and promotional brochures. During the fair, we reach a cooperative intention with interested customers and invite dozens of them to take a factory tour in Jinan, Shandong Province after its completion.

 [Our Laser Cladding Machines]

Now, we can offer 6 kinds of laser cladding machines, incl. open-style, fully-enclosed and robot-assisted cladding devices. For more, please contact us directly.

* Max length of workpiece: 6000mm

* Thickness of cladding layer: 0.1-1.5mm

* Dual-cylinder pneumatic power feeder, for efficient and stable power feeding

* Clad both workpieces with simple surface like axial and planar type, and complex-shaped surface like curved and spherical style

 [Special Offers]

In the course of exhibition, we release some appealing sales promotion policies. Although it is over now, special offers below are still valid within a certain time limit. If interested, please make your decision as soon as possible!


◎ 15% off at most

◎ Accessories at price of USD1000

◎ Powder at price of USD1000

◎ 2-year warranty

◎ Free-charged installation training and door-to-door maintenance within 2 years

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