Senfeng fiber laser cutting common problems and solutions

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Electrical laser cutting problems

Fiber laser cutting machines are becoming more and more popular in metal processing and manufacturing. During use, various fiber laser cutting problems will occur, such as laser head problems, electrical problems, laser problems, water-cooled machine problems, etc. Senfeng leiming after-sales engineer sorted out many fiber laser cutting common problems and solutions.This article mainly explains electrical laser cutting problems.

Fiber laser machine is out of power

Cause of failure

1. Phase sequence error

2. The voltage is insufficient, the accessories are damaged, and the circuit is not fastened firmly


Solution 1: Check the phase sequence and change any two live wires to change the phase sequence

Solution 2: Check the main power output , the fire and the live wire voltage, the three live wires and the neutral voltage respectively, check the voltage of the phase sequence protection switch/three relays, the 220 behind the main AC contactor controls the pull-in voltage, and AC contact Whether the main line of the inverter is loose or whether the main AC contactor is burned out

The servo is out of power

Failure reason

1. Emergency stop press

2. The switch is not turned on, the wiring is not fastened firmly, the switch position of different models is different, please judge according to the model

3. Damaged accessories

4. Servo damage


Solution 1: Check whether the emergency stop switch is turned on (the old G machine also has an emergency stop switch on the left side of the beam)

Solution 2: FL.GMAHM.AM detects whether the electric lock, servo switch, and the relay that controls the servo AC contact pull-in are energized (the wire number is generally 5 and 24V-), whether the upper control line of the AC contact is energized, and whether it is wired If it is not connected properly, whether the relay is on. You can replace it with other 24V relays to determine if it is good or bad, and whether the AC contactor is damaged

Solution 3: H opens the servo circuit breaker and there is electricity, measure whether the circuit breaker has electricity and whether it is normal

Solution 4: Check whether the voltage of the electronic transformer is normal

Solution 5: Replace the servo

No power for laser water cooling

cause of issue

1. The external switch is damaged and the circuit is blocked

2. Internal problems of the water-cooled machine


Solution 1: Check the voltage at the terminal, the voltage of the circuit breaker, whether the main power supply of the machine, the voltage stabilizer or the field voltage is normal, whether the switch is damaged, replace the switch recovery circuit

Solution 2: Contact SENFENG engineers

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