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Asking for the Price of the Fiber Laser Cutting Equipment

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Every day,we receive inquiries of asking for the price of fiber laser cutting equipment.Actually,the price is just on the price list,we can tell you right now,but perhaps you do not need the price we offer you,because we are not clear about your detailed need.Only knowing the needs of our customers,can we quote you the correct price.Because the price differs ,because of the different fiber device,the power,the working size and other parts.So please tell your needs in details before asking for the price.

sample fiber laser

14 years experience of manufacturing laser equipments,Senfeng produced kinds of fiber laser cutting equipment,which is equiped with 300w,500w,750w,1000w,1200w,1500w,2000w,2500w,3000w,4000w fiber device from China or imported ,working size can be 1300mm*1300mm,1300mm*2500mm,1500mm*3000mm,2000mm*4000mm,1500mm*4000mm,1500mm*6000mm,can be used to cut carbon steel,stainless steel,aluminum,brass,cooper,etc.If now you are going to ask for the price of fiber laser cutting equipment,feel free to send your needs to senfeng@jnsenfeng.com or add skype: senfenglaser1 ,www.sfcnclaser.com


Inquire:Asking for the Price of the Fiber Laser Cutting Equipment
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