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Nowadays, 6kw fiber laser cutter has gradually occupied a very important position in the market demand. For a long time, the protagonist in laser cutting machine market was CO2 laser cutting machine. 

In 2005, fiber laser technology became a buzzword for laser cutting. But in early days, it was mostly concentrated in the European manufacturing market. From 2005 to 2010, the sales of fiber laser technology and equipment in the United States were very small, and the maximum power of machines was about 2kw. In 2011, fiber lasers only accounted for about 5-10% of all laser products used for cutting. It wasn't until 2015 that sales of fiber lasers surpassed sales of CO2 for the first time.

Then fiber laser cutting machine have quickly become popular in the market, replacing CO2 products. At the same time, the power of fiber laser cutter has increased from 500w to 6000w/ 8000 w/10000w/ 12000w/ 15000w. The increase in power brings higher cutting capacity and faster cutting speed, which means that the end market can cut more types of metals and thicker plates, but it takes less time.

Compared with CO2 laser cutting and traditional cutting methods, the advantages of fiber laser cutting machine are self-evident. The 6kw fiber laser cutting machine can use nitrogen to process 1/4-inch mild steel with a processing efficiency of 200IPM. At the same time, the speed of a 6kw fiber laser cutting machine is faster than that of 4kw and 2kw fiber laser cutting machine. It can be seen that the rapid increase in power of fiber laser cutting machines requires strong market support.

With the continuous acceleration of the industrial process, the market demand for laser cutting machines continues to increase. In order to maintain quality and quantity, people have higher and higher expectations for the processing capabilities of laser cutting machines. This is not only to increase the cutting thickness, but also the improvement of cutting quality and cutting speed. This has also become the direction of the joint efforts of many laser machine manufacturers.

In order to meet market demand, Senfeng Laser launched SF3015H fiber laser cutting machine. The power is from 1kw to 6kw. The surrounding structure can reduce laser damage and protect the environment. The machine occupies a smaller area, but the working area is 3050 * 1530mm, which is a bit larger than the previous. For more information, welcome to consult us.


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