Why Does Tube Laser Cutting Machine Become More and More Popular?

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The working principle of the tube laser cutting machine is similar to that of the metal sheet laser cutting machine. It uses high-intensity beams to perform local thermal processing on the material to achieve the purpose of cutting and drilling. A professional tube laser cutter can replace multiple processing procedures such as mechanical drilling, milling, sawing, stamping or deburring, and can also complete metal pipe blanking, drilling, bevel cutting and other processes. At present, it is widely used in sheet metal processing, kitchen utensils, lamps, automobiles, hardware, fitness equipment manufacturing and other industries.

The reason why the laser tube cutting machine is popular in many industries is that it has the following advantages: 1. High cutting precision, repeat positioning accuracy can reach ±0.03mm. 2. The cutting efficiency is high, which can realize mass production, and the efficiency is much higher than that of traditional processing equipment. 3. The cutting effect is good, the incision is flat and smooth, the kerf is small, the section has no burr, and the material loss is small. 4. The cutting mode is non-contact processing, there is no consumption of traditional saw blade consumables, and the cost of consumables is low. 5. High scalability, using professional CNC system, compatible with most nesting programming software.

And because of its different chucks, the professional laser pipe cutting machine also has the advantage of saving tailings. It is worth mentioning that the three-chuck fiber laser tube cutting machine has two pneumatic chucks at the front and rear, and an electric chuck in the middle. Three chucks can clamp and cut at the same time, with high cutting precision. It has the advantages of simple and convenient operation and low maintenance cost. The chucks have the function of self-adjusting center, which can maintain the horizontal state of the pipe during the cutting process, and can realize fast centering and clamping. The system has an automatic edge-seeking function to reduce the occurrence of cutting head collisions.

In addition, the tube laser cutting machine can be equipped with automatic loading and unloading equipment to form a fully automatic operation process and realize fully automatic cutting and processing of metal pipes. The pipe laser cutting machine equipped with automatic loading and unloading has higher production efficiency, more optimized work efficiency, high degree of automation, good cutting quality, and the cut surface of the cut product is smooth, free of burrs and deformation. At the same time, compared with other production line equipment, it is easy to maintain, and automatic loading and unloading equipment has become a popular optional equipment for laser pipe cutting machines.

Senfeng tube laser cutter production line has high degree of automation, low operating cost, high cutting rate, energy saving and easy maintenance. The workpiece produced by it meets the standard, the product is cut evenly, and the cutting section is good. The laser pipe cutting machine production line requires almost no manual operation except for the start-up and shutdown of the equipment and daily maintenance. At present, Senfeng has models such as SF6016T, SF6020T, SF9035NT, and SF12038HT. The maximum length of processed pipes can reach 12m, and the maximum diameter can reach 380mm, which can meet the requirements of most products.

At present, Senfeng laser tube cutting machine can be fully applied in the field of metal processing. All kinds of round pipes, square pipes, U-cut pipes, special-shaped pipes and other pipes can be cut, and the cutting precision is higher and the efficiency is faster. And with the continuous improvement of the power of the laser pipe cutting machine, the various types of metal pipes that can be processed are also increasing. If you want to learn more about tube laser cutting machine, please contact SENFENG.



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