Why Do You Choose SENFENG Coil-fed Laser Cutting Machine

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In the field of sheet metal processing, plates are not only expensive, but also increase labor costs during transportation and storage. In contrast, the price of the coil steel is much cheaper, but it must be uncoiled before use, which increases the cost virtually. The uncoiling of coil steel is a problem that plagues the sheet metal processing industry. The emergence of SENFENG coil-fed laser cutting machine not only solves the problem of uncoiling, but also realizes the full automation of coil steel from loading to unloading, which greatly saves labor, plates and time.

Senfeng laser blanking line integrates decoiling, blanking, cutting, stacking. The whole process is complete and smooth to ensure the lowest cost and highest efficiency, which helps you realize fully-automatic and intelligent production. By the way, the new landmark of Qatar-the metal wall of Lusail Tower was manufactured by SENFENG coil-fed laser cutting line SF2003C. Senfeng have different major models designed for different materials and thicknesses. So if you choose SENFENG coil-fed laser cutting machine, you can get five benefits it brings.

Five Advantages of Coil Steel Laser Cutting Machine

1. The four major functions are in place in one step. Senfeng coil laser cutting machine has four functions of uncoiling, leveling, cutting and blanking. The integrated processing production line realizes continuous cutting and improves production efficiency.

2. Meet various uncoiling needs. Senfeng laser blanking production line uncoils stainless steel coils, aluminum coils, carbon steel, galvanized and other materials with a weight of less than 30 tons. The coil laser cutting machine is also equipped with four types of uncoilers: floor type, hydraulic cantilever type, hydraulic double-head support, and multi-unit uncoilers, which can quickly switch between different coils and reduce non-production time.

3. Self-developed leveling machine. Senfeng Laser has many years of leveling experience and patented technology certification. Leveling machines with different numbers of rollers are suitable for different plates to ensure that the stress of each plate can be fully released, making the plate more flat and obtaining a better cutting experience.

4. Multi-process fusion one-stop processing. Senfeng laser blanking production line is equipped with laser-specific lamination function, waste collection device, overall conveying platform, safety protection, monitoring functions, etc. By integrating and innovating these functions, Senfeng coil laser cutting machine realizes flexible and efficient processing.

5. Save cost and improve efficiency. ① Improve the utilization rate of plates and save 15% of raw materials; ② The functions that can be realized by a laser blanking production line are equivalent to the sum of laser cutting machine, uncoiler, leveling machine, shearing machine and punching machine, which greatly saves equipment costs; ③ One person can operate one or more laser blanking lines, reducing labor costs; ④ Continuous cutting with coaxial feeding shortens sheet metal processing time and increases efficiency by 30%.

After going through all the advantages of coil-fed laser cutting machine, I bet you would like to consider it to automate you production line and improve work efficiency. The competition in the field of sheet metal processing is gradually evolving into a competition for product quality and production efficiency. As an advanced processing method, Senfeng laser blanking production line has outstanding advantages in automation, intelligence, cost and efficiency. It naturally fits the production requirements of the sheet metal processing industry, and also provides a new development path for the production methods of future manufacturing enterprises. SENFENG, as a global provider of one-stop metal fabrication solutions, aims to provide global users with automated metal processing solutions. If you want to know more about coil-fed fiber laser cutting machines, please contact SENFENG.

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