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Metal sheet bending machine is a metal forming machine,by this machine metals can be deformed or bent to the demand shapes. By metal sheet bender, the force is applied on the metal parts, it will to deform in a particular direction.SENFENG as a bending machine manufacturer, today, we will show you the advantages of our electric servo metal sheet bending machine.

metal sheet bending machine

1. Metal sheet bender with significant energy saving effect

One of the advantages of electric servo drive technology is that the input power of the motor is proportional to the load power.

2. Metal sheet bending machine is environment friendly and pollution-free

Senfeng metal sheet bending machine does not use hydraulic oil, and there is no trouble of replacing hydraulic oil and hydraulic components.

3. High speed metal sheet bender

The slider with high speed, so it has high production efficiency, and the response speed of servo motor is faster than the hydraulic servo.

4. Metal sheet bender with high bending accuracy.

The electric servo bending machine with adjustable bending speed. It can bend for different thickness, different material and different bending length

5.Metal sheet bender with maintenance cost

As we all know,the hydraulic oil of the hydraulic bending machine needs to be replaced regularly, the pump, valve and seal are prone to failure and damage.

Finally,any question about metal sheet bending machine free to contact SENFENG.





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