Why Choose Fiber Laser Welding Machine?

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With the progress of the times, the handheld laser welding machine has replaced the previous form of laser welding, and the handheld welding gun has replaced the fixed light path. Hand-held fiber laser welding machine is a widely used model on the market at present, is also a convenient type of laser welding equipment, it can be flexibly applied in a variety of environments, the work form is holding the torch, sensitive and convenient, break through the limitations of the workbench, welding distance is longer. Handheld fiber laser welding machine is mainly for long-distance, large parts of the laser welding, welding heat affected area is small, will not lead to workpiece deformation, blackening, traces on the back of the problem, and welding depth, welding firm, compared to the traditional welding way, what are the advantages of handheld laser welding machine?

1.Easy to operate:It can be welded without high training cost;

2.Fast and efficient, wide processing range: fiber laser welding machine has concentrated energy, high-efficiency and high-speed welding, smooth and beautiful welding seam, reducing subsequent polishing procedures;

3.Wide range of weldable materials: stainless steel, iron, galvanized, aluminum and other metal materials can be welded;

4.Break through the limitations of workpiece shape and processing environment: small solder joints, small heat-affected area: no need to set up a welding table, small space occupation, flexible processing, fast welding speed, movable for long-distance operations, and no environmental space constraints;

5.Low maintenance cost: fiber laser welding machine as long as equipped with portable laser welding head can complete the welding operation, low replacement cost of parts, if they do not understand the replacement can also get the manufacturer direct maintenance, do not need to worry about what transportation and after-sales costs;

6.High cost performance: manual hand-held laser welding machine can not only perform hand-held laser welding operations, but also engage in high-precision welding repair operations of mold by setting up a platform in the later period. It is the preferred cost-effective welding production equipment for more small manufacturers;

Laser welding machine in the welding process, welding materials, welding environment, welding process and other improper choice, it is easy to produce welding defects. Welding defects not only affect the appearance of welding parts, but also affect the use of laser welding parts. Laser welding machine is a kind of green energy saving laser welding equipment, compared with the traditional welding machine has the characteristics of fast welding speed, small heat affected zone, flat welding surface and so on. However, improper use of welding defects will still occur, which also reminds us that the use of laser welding machine also need to follow the welding process, reasonable operation, will have a good welding effect.

Laser welding is a new type of welding, the welding of thin wall materials, precision parts, which can realize welding, butt welding, welding stack, seal welding, etc., deep wide ratio is high, the weld width is small, small heat affected zone, small deformation, welding speed, welding seam smooth, beautiful, without processing or simply processing after welding, welding quality is high, no pores, can accurate control, Small focusing point, high positioning accuracy, easy to realize automation. Different from the traditional welding machine, laser processing is used, so it is widely used in shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing, leather, cloth, hardware manufacturing and other industries, if you want to know more about laser welding machine, please contact senfeng.





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