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In manufacturing and processing, due to the design structure requirements of many parts, there will be a certain angle of bevel processing requirements. Especially in industries such as automobile manufacturing, industrial and agricultural machinery, and ships and ships, such demand is indispensable. Bevel processing is mainly for the next welding process. Processing and assembling bevels of a certain geometric shape at the welding part can obtain a fully penetrated weld seam in the welding thickness. Traditional bevel processing mostly uses flame, plasma and other processing methods, but these processing methods will produce deep cut marks when cutting the bevel. If these cuts are not removed before welding, it is easy to cause unfused bevels. Moreover, flame and plasma processing are high-heat processing, and metal sheets are prone to thermal deformation. After the bevel is processed, an anti-deformation process is required, which increases the difficulty of workpiece processing.


With the emergence of laser tube cutting machine, this problem has been effectively solved. Senfeng bevel tube cutting laser machine is equipped with a five-axis numerical control system to control the laser cutting head, which can easily achieve ±45° bevel cutting, and the position error is controlled within 10″. In addition, it is equipped with a pneumatic self-centering chuck to realize intelligent clamping of pipes, which makes feeding more stable, cutting more precise, good dynamic performance, and powerful processing range. So If you have a Senfeng bevel laser pipe cutting machine, you will get the following benefits

1.Stable production and high-quality batch processing

Traditional bevel tube cutting laser machine is easily affected by external factors, resulting in uneven quality of processed parts and low production efficiency. Senfeng bevel laser tube cutting machine is equipped with TubePro pipe cutting software, which can effectively ensure the accuracy of cutting, achieve stable cutting quality and reduce processing errors. Automatic pipe centering, eccentric compensation, to ensure cutting accuracy; common edge cutting function, saving production costs; corner cutting process, corners are not burned, and the section quality is good. It is especially suitable for batch processing and production of bevel parts.

2. Save labor and reduce costs

The traditional way of processing bevel parts requires a lot of manual participation in the cutting and grinding processes. Senfeng bevel steel tube laser cutting equipment can be equipped with automatic loading and unloading equipment for laser pipe cutting to form a fully automatic operation process and realize fully automatic cutting of metal pipes. The 6-meter pipes are loaded in bundles, intelligently sorted, and the cycle period is ≤15S, with higher production efficiency and more optimized work efficiency. High degree of automation and good cutting quality help enterprises to effectively reduce labor costs and time investment, effectively solve the problem of difficult recruitment of enterprises, and save production costs.

At present, Senfeng laser pipe cutting machine has been fully used in the field of metal processing. It can cut various round pipes, square pipes, U-cut pipes, special-shaped pipes and other pipes, and the cutting precision is higher and the efficiency is faster. And it can easily cut stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum and other common metal materials. By analyzing the market demand for pipe cutting equipment, Senfeng provides pipe processing customers with a variety of laser pipe cutting machines to realize orderly loading, clamping, rotating, cutting, feeding, blanking and other mass production services. If you want to learn more about Senfeng bevel laser tube cutting machine, please contact SENFENG.



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