Why Choose CNC Fiber Laser Cutter in Power Tower Industry

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Power tower is an essential basic equipment for power transmission. Transmission line tower is a tower building for power transmission. Its structural feature is that all kinds of tower types belong to space truss structure, and the members are mainly composed of single equilateral angle steel or group.In order to meet the needs of enterprise production, optical cnc fiber laser cutting machine has become an essential equipment in tower industry.

Why choose CNC fiber laser cutting machine?

Laser cutting equipment is helpful to improve the quality of tower welding assembly. Traditional iron tower plate processing is to use plate shears and rocker drill drilling, these two kinds of equipment need manual operation, so the processing accuracy is not very well, processing workpiece in the welding process combination welding parts often cause dimensional deviation, this deviation will cause the iron tower assembly between the workpiece can not use screw accurate connection, it is a very serious product quality problem. CNC laser cutting machine adopts numerical control technology, computer software operate the equipment work,it with high accuracy.

Laser cutting machine with shear plate, cutting, drilling and other integrated processing. One equipment can replace the plate shears, drilling, friction presses and other equipment, greatly reducing the production sequence time. A plasma cutting machine needs one operator, a drilling machine needs one operator, a friction press needs two operators, sequence switching needs one worker, and a laser cutting machine can complete the above three processes independently with only one operator. And the most important is the production efficiency of one operator of laser cutting machine is much higher than that of five operators per day, which can greatly reduce the number of operators. Labor cost is the largest production cost of enterprises. New equipment and new technology will reduce the number of labor, improve product quality, improve production efficiency, and maximize profits for enterprises.

The production efficiency of cnc fiber laser cutting machine is much higher than flame cutting machine and plasma cutting machine, which is the biggest advantage of laser cutting machine, especially the processing of medium plate (12mm - 20mm) is 3 times of the other two kind of cutting machines. The workpiece quality processed by the laser cutting machine is also the best, and it can be directly delivered out of the warehouse without any treatment.

The necessity of choosing fiber laser cutter.

1. With the advantages of high efficiency, less consumables, small material deformation and strong adaptability, cnc fiber laser cutter has penetrated into all aspects of industrial production. Based on this, cnc laser cutting machine has become an indispensable important processing tool in high-end manufacturing. Now more and more tower industries are introducing fiber laser cutting machine, and fiber laser cutting machine will become an indispensable equipment in the iron tower industry in the future.

2. There is no drilling procedure for CNC flame cutting machine and plasma cutting machine, and it needs to be transferred to drilling procedure and pressing procedure after cutting plate.

3. The iron tower industry has higher and higher requirements for product quality, which means higher and higher requirements for the accuracy of processing equipment. The production efficiency, production cost and operation cost of cnc laser cutting machine are obviously better than the other two models. Cnc laser cutter not only reduces several processes, but also saves a lot of labor. Although laser cutting machine equipment has a large one-time investment, from a long-term point of view, it will the best choice. Fiber laser cutting machine with high efficiency, high quality, low cost and low energy consumption will your wisdom choice

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