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The metal sheet bending machine can continuously perform multiple bending operations, which greatly facilitates the operation process, and ensures the efficiency of the operation and the uniformity of the  product. It is an automated machine that can bend thin plates.

The industry application of bending machine is very extensive.

1.In the decoration industry, it can complete the manufacture of stainless steel plates and doors, as well as the decoration of some special places.

2.In the power industry, the bending machine can make plates into different sizes, such as computer cases, electrical cabinets, refrigerator air-conditioning shells, etc.

3.Various stainless steel kitchenware in the kitchen and catering industry.

4.In the communications industry, street light poles, communications towers, traffic signal poles and monitoring poles are curved.

5.Other industries such as elevators, aerospace, automobiles, ships, cleaning equipment, etc.

In addition to these industries,steel bending machine have also played many roles in industries such as non-ferrous metals, electrical appliances, construction, sanitary products, and aerospace. It has a wide  range of applications, simple operation, and adapts to many shapes.So what are the characteristics of the metal sheet bender?

metal sheet bending machine

1.Fast speed, high efficiency and lower energy consumption.

2.Workpieces are processed in batches with high product consistency.

3.The daily maintenance is simple and the maintenance cost is lower.

4. High degree of automation, simple operation, low demand for artificial physical strength and professional skills.

5.Complicated shapes are formed at one time, such as up and down bending, non-right angle bending, arc, polygon bending, etc.

6.supports a variety of loading and unloading methods such as manual loading and unloading, truss robots, robotic arms, etc. 

7.High scalability, it can be equipped with a robotic arm for loading and unloading according to production needs,  or it can be connected to a fully automatic assembly line.

8.Fully closed-loop control system, the coordinated error of double servo motors is guaranteed within ±0.02mm;

If you are interested in the metal sheet bending machine, please contact us. You can also send your drawings of the processed parts, and we will test the bending effect for you.


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