What are the Key Technologies that Affect the Tube Laser Cutting Quality?

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The automatic fiber laser pipe cutting machine is a metal pipe cutting equipment that integrates laser cutting and numerical control technology. It can realize fully automatic and high-quality processing of metal pipes, and is equipped with automatic loading and unloading equipment. The laser tube cutting machine has the characteristics of professionalism, high speed, high precision, high efficiency, intelligence and informatization, etc. It can cut and process square tubes, round tubes, rectangular tubes and heterosexual tubes. It is widely used in fitness equipment, office furniture, kitchen cabinets and other industries. However, when using a laser pipe cutting machine, customers often encounter many problems that affect the laser pipe cutting system, thereby affecting the cutting quality of the machine. So what are the key technologies that affect the tube laser cutting quality? There are mainly the following aspects:

Key Technologies of Tube Laser Cutting Quality

1. Guide Light Focusing System

The function of the light guide focusing system is to guide the beam output by the laser generator to the cutting head that focuses the light path. When using a pipe laser cutting machine, in order to obtain high-quality slits, the focused spot diameter of the focused beam needs to be small and the power is high. This allows the laser generator to output low-order modes. In order to obtain a relatively small beam focusing diameter during tube laser cutting, the order of the transverse mode of the laser is smaller. The cutting head of the laser cutting equipment has a focusing lens. After the laser beam is focused by the lens, a small focused spot can be obtained, so that high-quality pipe cutting can be performed.

2. Track Control of Cutting Head

In tube cutting, the processed tube belongs to the space curved surface, and the shape is more complex. It will be difficult to program and process with conventional methods, which requires the operator to select the correct processing path and appropriate reference point according to the requirements of the processing technology, and then use the CNC system to record the feed of each axis and the coordinates of the reference point value. Then, through the spatial linear and circular interpolation functions of the laser cutting system, the coordinate values of the processing process are recorded, and the processing program is generated.

3. Automatic Control of Laser Cutting Focus Position

How to control the laser cutting focus position is an important factor affecting the cutting quality. It is one of the key technologies for laser cutting pipes to keep the vertical direction of the focus relative to the workpiece surface unchanged through automatic measurement and control devices. Through the integration of the control of the laser focus position and the linear axis (X-Y-Z) of the laser processing system, the movement of the laser cutting head is more light and flexible, which avoids the collision of the cutting head with the pipe or other objects during the processing.

By understanding the key technologies that affect the laser tube cutting machine, I believe that you will be able to make better use of the advantages of the laser tube cutting machine, thereby improving production efficiency and saving cost. SENFENG, as a professional tube laser cutting machine manufacturer,  provides high-speed and high-efficiency professional laser tube cutting machine, such as SF6020T, SF6016T, SF9035, SF12038HT, etc. It is suitable for rectangular tube, round tube and special-shaped tube cutting. If you want to explore comprehensive solutions in the field of laser tube cutting, learn about SENFENG T series tube laser cutting machines.

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