The Brief Introduction and Application of CNC Bending Machine

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As a very important part of sheet metal processing, the production efficiency and processing quality of bending processing are directly related to the profitability of sheet metal processing enterprises. Fast and good bending is the ultimate pursuit of all users of press brakes.

CNC metal sheet bending machine is an upgraded product of an ordinary bending machine. For example, it is like the difference between the previous Nokia, Motorola, and other button mobile phones and the current iPhone and Android smartphones. CNC bending machine has a wider range of applications.

What is CNC bending machine?

The bending machine uses the equipped die (universal or special die) to bend the metal sheet in the cold state into workpieces with various geometric cross-sectional shapes. The bending process generally adopts a special CNC system for the bending machine. The CNC system can automatically realize control of the running depth of the slider, the left and right tilt adjustment of the slider, the front, and rear, the left and right adjustment of the rear stopper, the pressure tonnage adjustment, and the slider approaching the working speed adjustment, etc. The bending machine can easily realize the actions of the slider downward, jog, continuous, pressure holding, return and stop in the middle, and complete the bending of multiple elbows at the same angle or different angles at one time.

The included major components of CNC bending machine

Taking Senfeng BDE-10032 as an example, the numerical control system controls the upper motor, and the hydraulic system further controls the oil cylinders on both sides to let the entire upper knife module fall to complete the bending action. There is a magnetic scale on the left and right sides to control the falling of the left and right sides at the same time to improve the parallelism and accuracy of the long plate bending and control the accuracy within 0.001mm.

To improve the production efficiency and processing quality of the metal sheet bending machine, Senfeng applies the hydraulic dynamic compensation system. The electric compensation table is a good helper to solve the bending accuracy error, which is composed of unique processed and heat-treated wedge blocks. The relative displacement compensation of each group of wedge blocks is designed according to the force and deformation of the upper beam and the lower beam during work. The numerical control system can calculate the compensation amount required for the upper and lower beams according to the load force when the workpiece is bent, and automatically control the relative movement of the wedge blocks, which can effectively compensate for the deflection and deformation of the upper and lower beams.

According to the pre-programmed value, the back gauge system can be precisely positioned to the required bending position. The fingers can be switched at will, which is convenient for customers to replace at any time according to the wear of the fingers. Each of the two fingers can be equipped with a motor to move left and right respectively, saving time and efficiency.

Due to the use of electromagnetic force clamping, the pressing plate can be made into various workpiece requirements, and the workpiece with side walls can be processed, and the operation is also very simple.

Application industry of CNC press brake

1. In the decoration and decoration industry, CNC bending equipment can complete the production of stainless-steel plates, doors, and windows, and the decoration of some special places.

2. In the electrical and power industry, the shearing machine can cut the plates into different sizes, and then re-process them through the bending machine, such as computer cases, electrical cabinets, refrigerator air conditioning shells, etc. are all made in this way.

3. In the kitchen and catering industry, various varieties and specifications of stainless-steel kitchen utensils are used for secondary processing, such as welding, bending, etc.

4. Wind power communication industry, bending of wind power poles, road light poles, communication tower poles, traffic light poles, traffic signal poles, monitor poles, etc.

5. In the automobile and shipbuilding industry, it is mainly to complete the shearing work of the plate and then perform secondary processing, such as welding, bending, etc.

6. The aerospace industry generally requires high precision, and high-precision CNC bending machines can be selected, which are accurate and efficient.

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