The Applicated of Laser Tube Cutting Machine in Bicycle

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With the promotion of bicycle sharing, it has brought great convenience to people's travel, and successfully solved the problem of short distance travel. The rise of bike sharing has driven the development of the entire bicycle industry. It is the second spring for the bicycle industry and has promoted the development of the entire bicycle industry. In this high-tech era,laser tube cutting machine  can help you create a bicycle that is unique to you.

At present, the bicycle skeleton is made of pipe, which has the following two advantages: first, the weight is relatively light; second, the pipe has a certain strength. Most of the tubes used for bicycles are aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, chrome-molybdenum steel and carbon fiber, which enhance the ability of tube and structure design and innovate processing technology, and become the eternal melody of the innovative development of the bicycle industry.

Laser tube cutting machine is a kind of special machine tool which makes use of laser technology to cut all kinds of shapes on pipe fitting and profile. With the characteristics of professional, high speed, high precision, high efficiency and high cost performance, it is the preferred equipment in the non-contact metal pipe processing industry.Compared with the traditional cutting process, the cutting section of the pipe processed by the laser cutting machine is smoother, the cut pipe can be directly used for welding, reducing the processing process of the bicycle industry. Compared with traditional pipe processing, which requires cutting, punching and bending, traditional pipe processing process consumes a large number of molds. Laser cutting pipe not only fewer procedures, high efficiency, cutting out the workpiece quality will be better.So say, the bicycle that makes by laser cutting machine is beautiful and individual character not only appearance, and also can beat those common bicycle on the performance, it is the good way that small batch bicycle produces processing.

The laser tube cutting machine produced by Senfeng Laser can professionally cut and process various square tubes, round tubes and other shapes of tubes, and cut any design graphics on the tubes. Fast speed, high precision, one-time forming, no need for subsequent processing. No need for casting mold, cost saving, visual layout, close fitting, and material saving. If you want to know more products, please contact us.

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