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In the metal processing industry, the cutting process accounts for the largest proportion. Many metal processing manufacturers not only need to process metal plates, but also need to process metal pipes. Naturally, their preferred processing equipment is the sheet metal and tube laser cutting machine. It can not only meet the processing needs of customers, but also save the procurement cost of equipment. One machine can be used for multiple purposes, which is very cost-effective. So what should we pay attention to when choosing the metal plate and tube cutting machine?

How to choose the metal plate and tube cutting machine?

First of all, the reason for purchasing a device is nothing more than its price and quality. The price and quality of plate and tube laser cutting machine are determined by many factors, such as brand, laser, motor, laser head, equipment power, fuselage technology and so on. Now the China laser market is also gradually mature. Many laser equipment manufacturers have fought a price war, and even there is a lot of difference in the price of the same power equipment. Many customers are attracted by some low-cost equipment. Finally, there are many faults after purchasing back, affecting the normal operation of the production line.

Quality and price are the main factors in selecting a device, and after-sales service also needs to be paid attention to. If a device has been used for a long time, there will be some large or small problems. Choosing a manufacturer with after-sales service and high after-sales efficiency is the best guarantee. 

Choose the metal plate and tube cutting machine according to your actual needs. Don't blindly pursue low price, but you can't blindly pay attention to quality. When purchasing equipment, we must conduct multi-dimensional investigation and multi-dimensional comparison to buy a cutting equipment suitable for ourselves and with high cost performance.

Sheet metal and tube laser cutting machine can cut steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, cast iron pipe, etc. It is widely used in various metal material processing and manufacturing industries, such as sheet metal processing, aerospace, aviation, electronics, electrical, high-speed rail and subway accessories, auto parts processing, grain machinery, textile machinery, engineering machinery, precision accessories, ships, metallurgical equipment, elevators, household appliances, kitchen supplies, tool processing, decoration, advertising and so on.

SENFENG LEIMING laser plate and tube cutting machine integrates the functions of plate and tube cutting. It can process round tube, square tube, rectangular tube, channel steel, angle steel and other tubes. At the same time, it can process carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum plate, copper plate and other plates,

Meet the diverse needs of plate and pipe processing, saving 50% of procurement cost and floor area, reducing investment cost, dual platform intelligent exchange, reducing loading and unloading time and improving processing efficiency.Integral die-casting beam to ensure high precision, no deformation and long life.

SENFENG LEIMING laser as an professional laser cutting machine manufacturer since 2004,we have 24 hours service and provide engineer global service,you can learn machine by online or face to face depends on you demand.

So any question about metal sheet and tube laser cutting machine just free to contact SENFENG LEIMING laser.We will your wisdom choice! Welcome to contact us by whatsapp or website online customer service or leave message by Email.




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